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Just a gamer and an SFM Poster-maker.
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About me:
Before you read this profile description, comment on this Steam Profile on why you want to add me, otherwise I'll ignore you even if you are lazy to tell why.

Oh and, please, Do NOT invite me to your groups unless you tell me why FIRST.

--Fools who invited me even if I told them to--
Sunday, January 28, 2018
9:04 AM - Cpt. Sourcebird: yo
9:04 AM - Cpt. Sourcebird: wtf
Sunday, January 28, 2018
9:04 AM - Prøçlänyo: sry
9:05 AM - Prøçlänyo: wait
9:05 AM - Cpt. Sourcebird: read someone's description before you do so.
9:05 AM - Prøçlänyo: stuiped
9:05 AM - Prøçlänyo: all caps and called me stuiped
9:05 AM - Prøçlänyo: whats wrong with you
9:05 AM - Prøçlänyo: im only 7
9:06 AM - Prøçlänyo is now Offline.
9:06 AM - Cpt. Sourcebird: "Your STUPID groups"

There are no second chances on this one; Thank you.
Just a person who does Source Filmmaker posters primarily TF2 or Anime (I can do other game series) for fun, plays alot of co-op/FPS games, constantly listens to EDM and Electro Swing, and watches cartoons and anime. And I take SFM Commissions for 1-5 TF2 MANN CO. CRATE KEYS or 5 USD or more (FOR STEAM DIGITAL GIFT CARDS), depending how COMPLEX you want it to be.

For my commissions, there is a format for it, it goes by:
Loadout (Cosmetics and Weapons)
Additional Details

Mind you, I don't do CS:GO posters.

But take note, I don't do killstreak sheens or killstreak effects. (Some items may be bugged in terms of paints.)

It's alot better to talk me about commissions via Discord, because it will archive our chats.
My Discord Tag is here somewhere in the Info Box.

But just keep me around if I can't do your works for now, and if you havent paid me yet.

And regarding about my art categories, it will be organized by the following:

-Team Fortress 2 (Main ones, and will be always posted here and in my Deviantart account.), They contain alot of references from other games like the Battlefield Franchise, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise.

-Anything else that I find cool, but not anime franchises like Neptunia . It's for personal reasons.

Deviantart account -> http://cpt-sourcebird.deviantart.com/
My Youtube Account -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnAmrTYq-cBdkO8CKaISf5w

My Reddit username is /u/Terence1907, if anyone's asking.
Discord Tag: Cpt. Sourcebird#7280
Frequent Discord Server: Source Fidelity, it's there in the main group I am in.

Comp Specs:
Intel Core i3-6100 @ 3.70 GHz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 750
8 GB RAM (1 stick)
500 HDD Disk Space
1 TB HDD Disk Space
Win 7 64-bit
3MBPS PLDT Speed connection
Sometimes, I may be specific in some games, but I may go to other classes/playstyles every now and then.

Team Fortress 2 = I do not hesitate to go Medic, though. But just be a good player, and I guarantee I'll carry your ass so you can kill all enemies with Kritz/uber.
I do not have a Main, but I randomly "main" classes from time to time. (Except Medic, because I am always good at that class.)

===Important Notes===
-Don't try to invite me in a group unless you have a good reason for it.
Anything else like "I just want to win a giveaway" is going to be denied, and good luck with that.
Artwork Showcase
Teufort Six Siege: Preparation Phase [SFM]
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Well, I do not mind.
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I can make you something special
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I mean as a friend.
Not BUYING the game, I don't provide freeloaders.
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ok then