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tagist febr. 27., de. 11:10 
Adderall꧁꧂ febr. 26., de. 10:14 
added for a business preposition
not febr. 25., du. 6:34 
I feel sorry about how fucking autistic you are. You are claiming csgofast is a SCAM because low % wins. HOW THE FUCK is that a SCAM. does Csgofast win more money off underdog wins???????????? It doesn't even benefit them. Your points are all fucking retarded and im not even gonna bother arguing about how 6.5% etc can still win depending on which tickets they are in.
Shotzy febr. 25., du. 2:36 
+what happend to your inventory cow
Oscar유유유 CSGOFAIRPLAY.COM febr. 24., du. 2:50 
+best guy ever!
OMGitsVali febr. 24., du. 2:16 
+rep awesome player and best youtuber <3

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