Dave   Ontario, Canada
Hello and welcome to my profile!
I love to play various games on steam, notibly Team Fortess 2 and CS:GO. I won't accept any suspicious adds, otherwise if you have a genuine reason for adding me I'll likely accept. All the best, Corvus -

Competitive Experience, W / L

Spy Main: UGC Season 17 NA Iron - Angry Ass Titans, 3 - 5

Spy Main: UGC Season 18 NA Steel - Literally Anything Else, 6 - 3

Spy Main: UGC Season 19 NA Steel - Literally Anything Else, 6 - 3
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Jon Snow May 9 @ 12:49am 
+rep cool af
Corvus May 7 @ 11:51am 
No see, a good player doesn't let their teammates tilt them in the first place. A good player doesn't give up till the end. None of which you were capable of.. and to run down mid with a Zeus on the one round we had in the bag was an asshole move.
Busterbrown03 May 7 @ 11:10am 
how did i get to this rank? because im actually good unlike u and i worked hard to get there XD
Busterbrown03 May 7 @ 11:09am 
i only threw cause of ninja lmao...
solace Feb 10 @ 8:36pm 
Why did you atheist turn your back on Jesus & what prevents you from making peace with the Lord your God & simply repenting for your pride?
solace Jan 25 @ 11:27pm 
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