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Welcome to Sevastopol!
A space station, that had a flurishing economy. Well, it should have had.
But over time you find out, that the station has seen its best times. And now it is sold. Sold to a company, which has of course economic interests. This interest is on the station, and it's not the shops or the people.
While you explore the station, you soon realize there is something wrong. The communication is interrupted, people are hiding and are afraid. People are vanishing, Androids behave strange, the station's main computer locks everthing down... to protect. To protect you? No...

The game is about finding all that out. And it's fun. Enjoy the nice views of inside and outside the station, as the graphics is very nice and shows a lot of passion for details. What you see is very close to the interior of the Nostromo you know from the first Alien movie. The game has so many parallels to the movie, it is awesome to experience those details. Also the sound is great, melody and sound effects... you will recognize them again and again from the movie.

There are gamers, who say the game isn't scary. Well, one the one hand you should let get yourself into the atmosphere of the game, as it is much more fun. On the other hand, even if you get used to the frightning atmosphere, the game will stay thrilling over the whole story. Hiding is key.
And the game is not unfair at any time. You just have to learn to recognize the signs. Listen to the sounds, spot hiding places, cause distraction, trust the motion tracker and the direction to the objective (it is from where you stand, and will lead you around obstacles)... then you always have a chance to survive.

Nevertheless the game is not perfect. It has some issues, like different keybinding than shown on screen (at least in the german version), stepless leaning only possible with controller (I used keyboard and mouse all the time), tracker mislead one or two times (path was on a different level). But these are all minor issues imho. The game is very well playable on PC with keyboard and mouse, the only real negative aspect... it's not available for Linux (yet?) ;)
Update: Feral Interactive released a high quality port!

For fans of the Alien franchise this game is a must have of course. It is quite different to all those shooters. But it is also a recommended game for sci-fi fans, survival-horror fans and fans of games where you must not rush through the levels. Because running will make noise, and noise will reveal your position. There are a lot of different dangers, which are seeking for you.
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