Cheers big ears.

Art isn't mine yadda yadda don't sue me. Thanks.
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Hey! You there!
                                                      Welcome to my profile!

Don't be scared to hit me up with an invite! I wont bite. As long as you're somewhat talkative and kind I'll refrain from removing you. If I do so happen to remove you on the other hand, it was probably nothing personal. You were either too quiet and only spoke once in a blue moon or a friendship didn't click in the first place.

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I'm usually online on steam a majority of the time, but if in whatever case you need to contact me by other means just ask me for my discord tag and I'll try to respond as soon as I can.


I don't trade often, though if you're offering some good loot I might consider it.

Don't add me if there's something in my inventory that catches your eye. Instead, how about you send a trade offer? (Down below)

Click here to send me an offer!

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Splatt 14 hours ago 
sir are you lost
The Universal Turtle Jul 25 @ 9:01am 
shuckle Jul 16 @ 8:25pm 
F is for how o fucked it up
Splatt Jul 16 @ 5:48pm 
"FUF" isn't a word you dingus.
shuckle Jul 16 @ 1:45pm 
F is for no survivors
shuckle Jul 16 @ 1:45pm 
U is for uranium bombs