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SP handles this since a while - and ought to work on a Steam version too.
Nov 18 @ 1:18pm
In topic Cannot find 800x600x32
This should do fine without having to mess with custom resolutions or compatibility modes:
Nov 17 @ 3:59pm
In topic [H] (6/8) [W] 1:2 Other cards
Offer sent!
Nov 17 @ 9:17am
In topic Add Price too Ukraine country.
It technically is "tomorrow" now, and new currencies are still not in place. I'm piggybacking on this topic since it doesn't only concern Ukraine, but more markets (10 currencies were added this week and price isn't set for any of those).

This seems to concern most, if not all 2K games.
And the prices are here! Buyable again =)
By now it almost looks like a troll.
Originally posted by PolskiPiesełPospolity:
if you meant Add Polish as language i can tell you its more than 50% completed

Language =/= currency

So now it's only a matter of a few hours/days before the game is buyable again :)
Worth noting that it's not only Poland - around 10 new currencies have been added to Steam this week and all those can't buy the game atm.
Nov 14 @ 4:14am
In topic Produkt niedostępny w Polsce
Originally posted by Mattzio:
,,Niektóre produkty mogą być niedostępne do czasu ustalenia ich cen w nowej walucie."

Okej, ale to trochę dziwne że nawet samo Valve nie ustaliło cen odpowiednio wcześniej ;)
Not only Argentina - all countries whose currencies were added today (in my case, Poland) can't buy the game :(
Nov 7 @ 9:37am
In topic [H] 8/15 Cards
Offer sent! Hopefully it's what you were looking for.
Oct 31 @ 12:33pm
In topic Can I play this using Windows XP?
It's a 64-bit game and you're more than unlikely to have XP x64.
Sep 25 @ 7:44am
In topic Patch Wishlist
Gearbox jobs are weird - I accepted a Mayen M6 job with "Can't engage gears" description, yet I was able to finish the test drive just fine.

My suggestion would be to either lock cars on Neutral if gearbox is damaged enough or just don't let the player drive them (maybe with a "Car is unable to move" message or something).
Sep 25 @ 7:42am
In topic BUGS
Looks like pressing Escape twice when logging off from the computer makes the game fade to black twice and then the player is softlocked, unable to do anything until you enter pause menu. Luckily, everything restores fine after that.
The problem is, dated PCs which were supported by XP and its drivers don't always work fine with Linux - been there, done that; one of the PCs I maintained works "fine" on XP but I'd fail to get it to work at sensible speeds on Linux due to its ATI GPU being really old.
Sep 7 @ 11:21am
In topic BUGS
I was gonna take a "brakes aren't functioning properly" job but the timer was really close to 0:00 - I most likely accepted the job just before it dissapeared from the job list (maybe I pressed LMB on it and released it after the job was gone? not sure) - I still got the car (Rino Piccolo) in garage but the job wasn't there - the game effectively treated this car as mine. I could restore it, sell it but not place it at the car park.
Still, unless Denuvo is removed it might make no sense to try and get it to run IMO. At least I'm not interested until it's removed.

Thanks for the link for OneCore libs though - interesting!
Yeah Denuvo seems to be an issue... These listed functions could be replaced without much trouble, though. I have successfully replaced SHGetKnownFolderPath with an XP friendly equivalent once, at least.
This shouldn't be too hard to patch... but I wonder is there even more than 2-3 people interested in it?
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