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12 hours ago
In topic Silent Patch + Downgraders (SA)
We tried, but as much as this topic is useful, it could not be welcome by R*/T2 to have it pinned - we got an official negative answer from Steam moderators because of this.

If it wasn't for that, the topic would probably have been pinned since years.
Jun 23 @ 6:52am
In topic [H] 9 [W] 1,3,4,5,6,8,12 (1:1)
Offer sent!
Jun 22 @ 4:25am
In topic Rain/snow drops on windshield missing?
Looks like the latest patch solves this issue! At least it's mentioned in the changelog.
Jun 19 @ 1:05pm
In topic STEAM insert disc 2 error
Start by verifying your game cache.

If it doesn't help, have you tried SilentPatch?
Jun 18 @ 6:52am
In topic Silent Patch + Controller Support (III)
Yes, I believe VAC only monitors the process for injected code - for example, Dirt Rally uses VAC yet it's perfectly safe (moreover, somewhat encouraged by developers) to install modded car liveries and such.
Jun 15 @ 9:57am
In topic Silent Patch + Downgraders (SA)
Oh, that feature isn't ported to newsteam - that only concerned a now inexistant 3.0 version.
Jun 11 @ 6:14am
In topic Rain/snow drops on windshield missing?
Interesting... I think I just had the same thing as you. I had a dry stage with a splash (so I'm 100% sure water worked then), and then a light rain stage - wipers kept wiping but I didn't see a single raindrop.

One difference compared to my yesterday's attempts was camera - I enabled "In car cameras only" option in order to get an achievement, whereas yesterday I tested starting from outside cameras. Might be related?
Jun 10 @ 6:21pm
In topic Selling items from store crates
Yep, can confirm it the same way too so it's not just an one time random bug.

I kinda expect a typo in the code =)
Jun 10 @ 6:19pm
In topic Question on MP
Just do note, as far as I can tell there are no staggered rallies, instead people all race at the same time and that's it.
Jun 10 @ 5:33pm
In topic Rain/snow drops on windshield missing?
Yep. It's Custom Event (or whatever it's called in English) -> select any stage with heavy rain -> quit -> Custom Event -> select any dry stage -> quit -> Custom Event -> select any heavy rain stage

What's your GPU then? ;)

The guy who made a vid you uploaded has a giant nvidia logo on his profile background... I wouldn't expect him to have an AMD card then, lol (and thus unlikely it's a vendor specific issue).
Jun 10 @ 5:24pm
In topic Rain/snow drops on windshield missing?
Originally posted by Phoenix:
Would anyone be willing to try something for me?

Tried the same repro steps, also on GTX 1070 with the newest drivers, doesn't seem to be like you described (at least in my case).

First time heavy rain:

Second time heavy rain:
Some strings from Rallycross results screen seem to lack translation to Polish:
Jun 9 @ 3:03am
In topic Pre-order bonus
Ouch, so you can't lease the car for the event?
May 28 @ 5:04am
In topic Please insert your GTA Vice City CD
You installed the game on A or B drive. Either move it somewhere else or grab SilentPatch:
It used to, and got changed as of the latest patch. I agree it's fairly annoying, too.
May 11 @ 12:52am
In topic CANNOT FIND 800X600X32
Grab SilentPatch - it'll default your game to your desktop resolution.
Are you playing with Frame limiter disabled? If so, enable it.
May 5 @ 1:50am
In topic this game has so meny bugs
These are all related to disabled Frame Limiter and have absolutely nothing to do with the OS you are using.
May 2 @ 4:15am
In topic Still a POS game...
Originally posted by Hong Kong Phooey:
So the crashes, bugs, glitches, gameplay and graphics all miraculously improve after 5 hours?

While bugs of course do not disappear, AI does feel less dumb over time. Maybe increased difficulty makes them function in a bit more sane way, I don't know.

Also protip: Setting difficulty to Hard makes them less moronic too.
May 2 @ 4:00am
In topic bugs/artefacts with my both gtx 1080
Yeah, it seems to be a game issue and not our GPUs dying (MSI GTX 1070 here). Pity, because such tiny issues are annoying as hell for an end user.

I mean, while it's not a big deal it would still be nice to see it fixed, since clearly game's at fault here.
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