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1. i'm not mad
2. -10 karma
3. you talk trash ingame but then talk about maturity
4. ur braindead
5. you are 18 trying to act like an adult
6. you don't know how a 14 yr old should act
7. you don't know me
8. you complained about me being lucky when u really got outskilled
9. you judge me based on one match where i only talked shit cuz YOU talked shit first
10.you get roasted then you take up this mature bs
11. you try to place yourself above me but if anything you are being read like a book
12. you sound dumb cuz you repeat the same thing over and over when i'm clearly not mad, just trying to get u to fuck off nerd
13. you have no credibility, you are toxic, -10 karma, and try to be someone you are not
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Boston Dec 10, 2017 @ 7:27pm 
Luke, I am your fucker. It's soon December 16 and you know what that means ...... it's time to see Star Wars🌟⚔with your star whores👅🍆. If the last time you handled👌💦a lightsaber was a long time🕥ago in a galaxy🌠🌚far far away, send this to 🔟 of your sexiest space🌙🚀 sluts🏃💃🏻👽. If u get 0️⃣ back you're a Bantha bitch. If u get 5️⃣ back you're General Slay-a👑. If u get 🔟 back you're a C 3 P Hoe 🤖💅🍑. Share in 6️⃣9️⃣seconds or you won't be getting that Darth Dick in 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣6️⃣
Reppy Jul 22, 2017 @ 3:03am 
Shox Jul 21, 2017 @ 3:37pm 
a fag
holycepero Jul 17, 2017 @ 1:47pm 
his life must be so sad. one of the worst person on PC. discusting
ducky Jun 10, 2017 @ 9:56pm 
Kids a blatant aimkey/aimbot faggot. -rep +cheater. Anyone with a brain doing a demo review on this kid can see this.
Todd Howard Jun 7, 2017 @ 4:56pm 
lmao, it took you three summons to kill me while ganking.
You killed me once with another player helping, I killed you twice with someone helping you.
Get the fuck out trying to act good.