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Posted: Jan 23 @ 12:57pm

Early Access Review
The game looks pretty decent from what I can tell, the problem I have with it is the dialogue between you and the characters are too long. It is very frustrating when you finish a three minute dialoge and then accidentally right click again and have to sit through it. The majority of my play time was just the tutorial, it is absurdly long. I don't write this review to talk badly about the game, or the developers, but when your tutorial is almost 30 minutes long, there is a problem.

-Looks great, no performance issues whatsoever
-Interesting mechanics, very similar to Minecraft and Stardew Valley

-Long Tutorial and Dialogues
-Not friendly to impatient people
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I'm Okay With This Jan 23 @ 5:11pm 
"Never said it was a bug."

Yet you bring up the fact that the game is allowed to have bugs in early access as a defense against the length of a tutorial. If that's not what you were doing, then I fail to see how that's relevant.

"you listed 3 good things and 2, in your opinion, bad things and gave it a thumbs down. 3 beats 2."

...ok, so every statement holds equal weight in opinion. Except it doesn't.

"I'll stop being stupid"

Well, at least I didn't have to say it.
bread Jan 23 @ 4:15pm 
I don't need to play a whole lot to realize it's not a game I want to play. If I'm not having from the start, it's not worth my time or money.
bread Jan 23 @ 3:48pm 
Yeah, says me, that's quite literally the reason why I don't recommend this game. Because I'm impatient and this game is not friendly to impatient people.
Feedback Jan 23 @ 3:46pm 
Says the impatient child
bread Jan 23 @ 3:36pm 
That's all it takes for me dismiss the game, honestly.
bread Jan 23 @ 3:21pm 
Your point? You're making yourself look like more of an idiot than you tried to make me look
Feedback Jan 23 @ 3:16pm 
IT'S A GAME ABOUT FARMING. Its not CS:Go.:steamsalty:
bread Jan 23 @ 3:07pm 
Nova, you obviously didn't read my review and still want to hate on me for it. I brought up legitimate criticisms and you try to shut me down for leaving a negative review of an early access game.
Feedback Jan 23 @ 3:05pm 
I did read. Your complaints were of a 10 year old. Again, ritalin is your friend.
bread Jan 23 @ 3:05pm 
Quickdraw6, I love Stardew Valley and I am very impatient. A 30 minute tutorial is just unacceptable.