Jordão   Faro, Portugal
                            I am the official CombineFinest
                            I am the real and only named it


I support K i w i s

I'm weird so be warned I show no regret to any offensive joke/content or any other remarks of 'this'. Any of it I make, if you disapprove of this I could care less because it is who I am so get used to it. Some of my friends love me for it so I expect some respect back and I will have for you ;P

I like small snakes.

<20:22:38> You were banned permanently from the server by "Chocola"
I got back in kill me.

Note I suffer from Depression, fuck off you sleezy cunts.

° ͜ ʖ ° me and cringe daily.
י ͜ ʖ י me and pentagram daily.
ו_ו me and pentagram working.
ץ ͜ ʖ ץ me and penta when we fail our kitchen lord.
י ͜ ʖ י IKR ₪ _ ₪ Fucking gnome י ͜ ʖ י

Fuck homophobia and homophobes

I like sloths.
Suicide is a crude word of the English language

The Finest Of the Universal Union
| Munchies | <-daddy. |
Theta Xi |
| Titan |

| Cucu |
| Milky |
| Rustarus |

| Fabio | <--meu amigos
| Swifting <--My nog.
| Fragezeichen | <--Dis is a cool guy.
| Cheeki Breeki | <-- he's even more ok.
| Chuckie | <--amigo :D
| Pentagram | <-- amigo
| Flober | <-- Irl friend, rare pole. | SkinVest | <-- amigos? idk.

The good guys.
| Kass | <-- Ayy Lmao alein cult sister..
| Colonel Food | <-- One of the good guys.

Me and Kass when we hear ayy lmao.


Profile created: September 7, 2014
Name: CombineFinest
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¿The preliminary pit of Ideology?
Info or somthing?
• I like to talk about stuff like politics, or even scary shit, or litirally dark shit
• I'm not most likely gonna start chats often, I have issues of talking to people
• My real name is Jordan or 'Yarden', either work for me to be callled by.
• I'm quite 'freakish' so be warned of this
• My steam statuses litirally mean nothing, if I am inactive, i've gone out into the world, god help me.
• I'm aware my English is shit, i've lost alot of my ability to spell from language learning etc. I'm originally from Sweden and for those really desperate jag är från Gotland, Visby. I speak portuguese, Swedish, English and Hebrew.
• I'm a cynophobic

Bob Esponja vai atrás de você e fazer coisas horríveis.


Grocery list; bread, milk, eggs, sugar, a Dubstep drop so awesome you shit yourself and get your period, and chips.

Fuck me.
if you wanna add me on snapchat for some fucked up reason here you go sir/madam

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apparently jewice
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who doesn't
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I like gas chambers.
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