"One can never be truly free if one admires others too much, I know. "
Lucky me. I don't admire anyone.

TF2: jump/surf/bhop/climb maps beaten:

Cringe poems:
Trade in choke
Trade on flank
When me play game - Me be a tank

What is front
And what is back
When me fight - Always attack

Me is smart
Me shoot noob
Me always press - the W

Me jump in
Me won't die
Me shoot med - And he go fly

Me look up
Into the sky
Medic know - That he will die

Me run in
Me will die
They don't know - I spawn on spy

Me is sharp
Just like viper
Me click on heads - When me play sniper

Me 2shot med
Me 2shot scout
When me come in - They all go out
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Team Fortress 2
Source settings & gear:

In-game Sensitivity: 1.25/1.875
Windows Sensitivity: 5/11
Raw Input: 1
DPI: 800
Resolution: 1080p
Refresh Rate: 144hz
Mouse: Logitech G402
Keyboard: CM Storm Trigger Z (Brown Switches)
Mousepad: SteelSeries QcK+
Headphones: Logitech G35
Monitor: Benq XL2411Z

Click here to download my config and settings for TF2 [www.dropbox.com]
Last updated: 2017/1/31

Where you can find me:
Hearthstone & Overwatch: Collaide#2679

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TF2 Team History:
ETF2L Season 27 - High Tier - slayers - xth place - Pocket
ETF2L Season 26 - High Tier - underdogs - 15th place - Pocket
ETF2L Season 25 - High Tier - Team Infamous - 7th place - Multiclass Backup
ETF2L Season 24 - High Tier - Team CoolestMaster - 6th place - Multiclass Backup
ETF2L Season 23 - High Tier - Don't Flinch - 21st place - Pocket
ETF2L Season 21 - High Tier - Dodging Bullets - 22nd place - Pocket
ETF2L Season 20 - Mid Tier - Access Denied/Bantermory - 21st/38th place - Roamer/scout/pocket
ETF2L Season 19 - Division 4B - Waterworks - 2nd place - Pocket
ETF2L Season 18 - Division 5G - Viva La Copycats - 4th place - Pocket
ETF2L Season 17 - Division 6L - Viva La Copycats - 5th - Pocket
ETF2L Season 16 - Division 6M - Emporia Gaming - Last place/dropped - Pocket

ETF2L Preseason 23 Cup - High Bracket - Imperatively - Last place - Pocket/scout
ETF2L Logjam Cup - Mid-Low Bracket - Waterworks - 1st place

ETF2L Ultiduo Cup #6 - Collade + Bobinsky + Cricket - Top 16 EU
ETF2L Scout 1v1 Cup - Top 32 EU


Crowns. Thaigrr: ur a cunt

collaide: @thaigrr [twitch highlight]
kid: collide ur a spacker lol

lukas: always fucking direcrt
lukas: fucking mge gay

Racso: wtf is wrong with you
Racso: y u bully :(

Earlie: tfw you feed to collaide

Collaide: tfw u feed to collaide
Earlie: tfw ur entire team feeds

Collaide (Score:20) defeats adamracek (Score:12) in duel to 20 on Badlands Spire

adamracek is now offline

funs: what else should i have done
funs: mr collaide

Collaide: My rule: Don't be cancer
shoras: You don’t meet your own requirement xD

caeli: rq now

Mercyless: like why
Mercyless: don't get why you have to be a bunch of pricks

cribby: you're trying too hard collaide

gandhi: fuck you collaide i fucking hate every idiot from sweden

Broda: crying kid

Collaide: You added me
Ace: ye
Ace: are you still mad
Ace: for that shit that happend in div5
Collaide: no
Collaide: I d g a f
Collaide: I just said you were good in div 6
Collaide: Nothing else
Collaide: is there anything else or should I remove u
Ace: lel
Ace: you are so mad
Ace: asd
Collaide: ?
Collaide: I'm not saying you're bad now
Collaide: I'm saying you were good in d6
Collaide: Haven't seen you played since
Collaide ???????????????????????????

Demos: all he [collaide] ever does is complain

*dead* Lord Maximus: stfu collaide

Rivka: collaide judging people's intelligence :/


22:51 - papi: are you sure you cant play tomorrow
22:52 - Condawg: I can play
22:52 - Condawg: But what are you talking about
22:52 - Condawg: Scrims?
22:52 - Condawg: My team died cuz we never found a main caller
22:52 - papi: what team died?
22:52 - papi: wtf
22:52 - Condawg: What are u talking about
22:53 - papi: nah dw
22:53 - Condawg: http://logs.tf/1514946
22:53 - Condawg: Minus dolly and minus hr
22:54 - papi: what is that
22:54 - Condawg: Red team was my team
22:54 - Condawg: For a week
22:54 - papi: fs
22:54 - papi: collaide trolled
22:54 - Condawg: What are you talking about
22:54 - Condawg: Oh
22:54 - Condawg: LOL
22:54 - Condawg: ROFL
22:54 - papi: fuck you
22:54 - Condawg: ORLF
22:55 - Condawg: HOLY SHIT
22:55 - papi: le epic trolled
22:55 - Condawg: xd
22:55 - papi: XD
22:55 - Condawg: XD

18:44 - dEAd: 18:44 - -W3E- Kakashi: you got a teamate named golisnky?
18:45 - dEAd: golisnky
18:46 - GODinsky: hahahaha
18:46 - GODinsky has changed their name to golisnky.

19:39 - Sexually active projectile: yo
19:39 - Sexually active projectile: I am from bobinsky
19:39 - Sexually active projectile: We are doing trials tonight
19:39 - Sexually active projectile: are you free in 30 mins?
19:39 - Sexually active projectile: we are lacking our pocket for tonight's trials
19:40 - Sexually active projectile: high
19:40 - Sexually active projectile: can you sub
19:40 - Collaide LFT/merc: I have a trial tonight already :)
19:40 - Collaide LFT/merc: And I want to main
19:40 - Sexually active projectile: yeah
19:40 - Sexually active projectile: solly pocket
19:40 - Sexually active projectile: alright, just in case it's on 20 mins and we are fucked
19:41 - Sexually active projectile: do you have any good suggestions?
19:41 - Collaide LFT/merc: i think bobinsky is lft
19:42 - Sexually active projectile: We are a serious team.
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