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Hello SomeoneThatIWishKnow!

Personal Info

Name: Muhammad Nursya Ban
Age: Something
Country: Indonesia,Jakarta,Jakarta Selatan.
Birthday: 20 October ????


Youtube Channel

Personal Computer Specification

CPU: I3 4130 @ 3,4 GHz
RAM: 8GB Corsair DDR3 3200 MHz
Monitor: AFTRON 24-Inch FullHD TV
Mouse; FanTech M80
Keyboard: Havit Mechanical Keyboard
Mousepad: Razer Chinese Knock-off (smooth though, really made me play better)

Music Taste

Random, never POP though after 2012

Personal Favorite Songs

Iron Maiden - Trooper

Rammstein - Keine Lust & Du Hast

DMX - X's Gon' Give it to ya

Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone & Footloose

Judas Priest - Turbo Lover (Don't even really like Judas Priest but the song's catchy)

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

Eddie Murphy - Party All The Time

DJVI - All-Stars

Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street

Slipknot - Eyeless & People=Shit

Skrillex - Bangarang (Still liked it since 2012)

America - Horse with No Name (GTA San Andreas really made me like this song)

Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls & Fuel

Black Sabbath - War Pigs

System of a Down - Toxicity & Mesmerize

Avenged Sevenfold - Carry On & IForgotTheTitle

RATM - Bulls on Parade

Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (It's just a guilty pleasure, don't even like 'em honestly)

Dan Croll - From Nowhere (Baardsen Remix & Original)

Harry Enfield - Loadsamoney

Review Showcase
3,191 Hours played
Wish i can feel regret for the 3000 hours i wasted, here's what i can buy if i work at McDonalds for 3000 hours

An used 1999 BMW 528i 2.8
A year long rent
A 43 inch Flat Screen TV

and i still would have some money left to buy food and miscs

But jokes aside, the game legitemately made me quite some cash (200-300 dollars in total) and it's pretty fun too with the friendly community (Sometimes too friendly) and the fun gameplay. Sad how they add the cosmetic grades which really doesn't feel like how the economy used to be.

Yes i reccomend you to waste 3000 hours or more on this game

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LawDScar Jun 17 @ 3:18am 
-rep ccd
CuntMunch May 28 @ 9:59pm 
What a huge cunt
LawDScar May 17 @ 7:36am 
ccd kg ada skin kata Wd betul no skin noskill
asw-) May 12 @ 7:09am 
ccd gk ada skin gk ada skill
Trospher May 12 @ 3:23am 
cuman punya GT 530 kontol
asw-) May 12 @ 1:07am 
ccd specnya