Jan   Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
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●Musician ● Gamer ● Team Player ● Streamer
I´m a Collector and want to bring my Steam Level up. If you like me donate me over the Trade Link Steam Stuff (Gems,Trading Cards,Backgrounds,Emoticons)

I´m accepting currently if:
You Leave a Comment with Reason of your Add
You Have a Public Profile
You Have a Public Inventory
You Have reached a Steam Level of 10
You Have No Vac Bann in the last 3 Month
@Trader: Send offer dont add me
@Trader: I don´t trade for real Money and i don´t trade my Knife
Special: Don´t add me, if you want me to play on your Site

I´m not accepting :
Steam Level under 10
1+ Vac Bann(s) on record
Private Inventory

General Information
Real Name: Jan, Rest not Found
Nickname(s): Cobra/Phenix
Team: -
Teamsearch: ✔ [For Fun-Playing]
Age: **
Nationality: German
Languages: German, English
Current Anime: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Sign: Signed by Phenix
Mobile Authentificator:
Inventory Helper:
Challenge me:

Gaming Specs
Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Chroma
🎧 Headset: 🎧 Razer Tiamat 2.2
Mousepad: Razer Sphex
Mouse: Razer Mamba Tournament Edition
Mouse Sensivity: 900 DPI
📺 Screen: 📺 Acer Predator 144Hz
📺 2.nd Screen: 📺 Benq Gl2450 60Hz

ccounts & Links:
Main ccount: Main Account
1. Smurf ccount: Mg use this
2 Smurf ccount: Silver use this
3. Smurf ccount: Deagle Only
ccount of Website: Twitch []
ccount of Website: Steamladder []
ccount of Website: Faceit []
ccount of Website: ChallengeMe []
ccount of Website: Esea []
Donation: Trade here

Favourite Game: ✔ ☭
Favourite Map: Mirage
Favourite Side: T-Side
Main: Rifle Player
Second: P250 , AWP
Ingame Sense: 2,98

Rank History:
Silver 1
Silver 2
Silver 3
Silver 4
Silver Elite
Silver Elite Master
Gold 1
Gold 2
Gold 3
Gold 4
Master Guardian 1
Master Guardian 2
Master Guardian Elite
Distinguished Master Guardian
Legendary Eagle
Legendary Eagle Master [Current]
Supreme Master First Class
The Global Elite

Other Games:
League of Legends:
Level: 30
Rank: Unranked

Rocket League:
Rank 1vs1: Challenger II
Rank 2vs2: Rising Star
Rank 3vs3: Prospect III [SoloQ]
Rank 3vs3: Challenger III [PreQ]

Tom Clancy´s Rainbow Six Siege:
Level: 67
Rank: Gold IV

Adventure Capitalist

Euro Truck Simulator 2

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Some Completed/Uninstalled Games:
Rise of the Tomb Rider

Far Cry 4

Gta V - Story

Assassin´s Creed IV Black Flag

CoD: Black Ops III

Cities: Skylines

Have a nice
Thx For Reading

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last played on Apr 25
3,103 hrs on record
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