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Lucas   Ontario, Canada

ESEA Open season 24: Pocket for It Came From Open with Neto, Sneaky, Ted, Lizar, Legit
Subs: Arch, Mango, Funny Bunny, AvoidingJoker

ESEA Open season 23: Pocket for Koalas In The Rain with ThorEatsWorms, Mortar, Grape Juice III, Zinnk, p0ss3ss3d (6-10)
Subs: Lizar, Arch, Melons, Nalyd

UGC Steel 6s season 21: Pocket for Allied Effect with Virgil, Cobalt, Pyrrhus, Boff Stahl, ted (5-3)
Subs: Kolorblind, Dovah, Not A Commie, Broy, Bellhopper, Level 8 Koala, Mango

UGC Iron 6s season 20: Pocket for Depressive Scooter with Aron, I_Dont_Know, Mortar, Werdy, Kolorblind (5-3, 0-1)
Subs: The Law, Gray_, Lugnut

UGC Steel Highlander season 19: Sub Scout for Divided by Bees with: Boff Stahl, ReddRobin, Pyrrhus, I_Dont_Know, Kolorblind, ted, Virgil, DeathByPudding, Slice (5-3)
Subs: Disco, KITTY, Lizar, Inconspicuous Peppermint, Luup, Cat, Panda, baegL

UGC Iron Highlander season 18: Scout for Komrades with some arrangement of ggecko, Light Cleric, Gray_, Tsaruskie, Balrog, Virgil, Nart, Equalsun, Boff Stahl, Lenny, Squid, Atom, Shifty (3-5)
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Mennuel Dembez Aug 31 @ 2:43pm 
Keep up with the good work on stream dude
Atom Jul 29 @ 4:38pm 
Hello Citric LFT! I would like to invite you to my team on COUNTER STRIKE GLOBAL OFFENSIVE! We're a HAPPY bunch looking for a SKILLED player like yourself! We're planning on going to the next MAJOR, and we're in dire need of someone as SKILLED as you are. We know that you are a player of EXCEPTIONAL skill and would love to see you on our team one day! Send me a MESSAGE, if you are interested!

- Atom
Speedy Gon-Gasman Jul 24 @ 4:40am 
ya'll are one nice piece of blackberry jam
Atom Jul 24 @ 3:14am 
U hck u wall hck
HAKI Jul 22 @ 7:51pm 
nice wall hck
Speedy Gon-Gasman May 29 @ 6:16am 
dang... ;)