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This is my one and ONLY account! Don't fall for scammers!
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Post in my comments before adding as to what you are adding me about or i most likely will not accept it.

I do not add private profiles, level 0 profiles, or trade with marked scammers.

If you have an offer, send a trade offer and I will get back to you ASAP

What is with these suggesters?

Julia: 200 keys is probably close
Julia: most sell for hats which is why it's a pain to make a proper mini for it
LuD | Chuffs #QUICKSELLING: close enough doesnt cut it when u price unusuals
LuD | Chuffs #QUICKSELLING: why am i telling you this, you should know
LuD | Chuffs #QUICKSELLING: you cant just round it, and say "Welp, it's close enough for me"
LuD | Chuffs #QUICKSELLING: you need proof
Julia: a little leeway is allowed here and there
LuD | Chuffs #QUICKSELLING: a little?
LuD | Chuffs #QUICKSELLING: you dropped a hat nearly a 100 keys over 2 invalid sales
LuD | Chuffs #QUICKSELLING: if you priced those sales correctly
LuD | Chuffs #QUICKSELLING: it'd be the same price...
Julia: on rare, high-tier hats prices usually aren't very relevant
Julia: they'll usually sell all over the place
LuD | Chuffs #QUICKSELLING: when why make a site where people go for reliable prices
LuD | Chuffs #QUICKSELLING: Doesnt that defeat the purpose?
Julia: well, it's just a research tool :p
Julia: you don't really have to agree with the price
LuD | Chuffs #QUICKSELLING: the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.
LuD | Chuffs #QUICKSELLING: thats what research is
LuD | Chuffs #QUICKSELLING: if your basing your conclusions off of fiction and not fact
LuD | Chuffs #QUICKSELLING: it isnt research
LuD | Chuffs #QUICKSELLING: you contradticted yourself and the entirety of
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For all business inquiries, leave a message in my comment section, I am open to all investing opportunities/partnerships, just be prepared to sign legal-binding documents. Post what you require, and I'll add you back as soon as possible.

If you'd like to buy skins, I currently sell skins at a rate of 60-75%. Add me to talk about bulk buying, I generally don't sell to people with a low amount of money. Besides what's in my inventory, you can find many skins for sale in my OPSkins Shop []

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Many people are trying to impersonate me in efforts to scam innocent users that seek to talk/trade with me. I have exactly 0 other accounts I use and access, not even alternate accounts for storage, please don't fall for anyone that's suspicious. Look for the specific attributes my profile has (Level/Friends/Steam Badge/Invetory showcase/Comment pages/etc). Please check carefully before adding/trading with me, and have a good day!

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If you'd like to affiliate in business with me, please leave a DETAILED description as to what you need/want!
I cannot stress enough, if you don't leave a comment on my profile as to why you are adding me, I will 100% not add you.
I own a shop website, apply here if you'd like to buy Shop Website []
I do not trade much at all anymore, if you're interested in doing and item for item trade, I probably won't be unless I ask for it.

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