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Hey, I am Chromatic.I have been playing shooters/mmorpgs for as long as they have been arround.Used to be a h4x0r in
WolfTeam. []

• I have quitted WolfTeam after playing it for 5 years, since it became so unbalanced game. I've done my dream for this game which was to get in top 100, being well known and respected
Now i play PAYDAY 2, CS:GO, Battlefield 4, GTA V and others.

- Dethroning people
- Making friends I can chat with
- Players who are constantly improving
- Players that are fun-loving with good attitude

- Beggars
- Hypocrites
- Completely private profiles
- People lacking common sense
- People who overrate themselves
- Idiots speaking in a language I don't understand

••••••••Before Adding Me••••••••
If you're adding me as a friend just for the sake of having a longer friends list, don't bother. I only keep people on my friends list that I actually have a reason to talk to.

If you must add me, leave a profile comment saying what you want to make it more likely that I won't ignore your request, especially if your profile is private.

If your profile is private or your Steam Level is less than 10, I WILL IGNORE YOU unless you post a profile comment first.

•But... If you added me for one or more of the following reasons:
- Asking for free in-game items
- Asking for free games
- Asking for trades outside of what I offer
- Giving me lowball offers for my items
Then please go to hell, nobody wants you in this world.


I will consider all reasonable trade offers, click here to send yours

1. I do not trade for the following items: CD keys, gifts that are done after the trade, real world money or items with scammer tags on them.
2. I will take my time when trading, do not rush me or I will instantly decline.
3. If I do not reply to your trade offer within 24 hours, it means that I do not want the item.
4. If you have any reports on you, no matter how old, I will not trade with you.


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Pyromancer™ 19 hours ago 
ah i don't know man maybe some time or day, i'm banned for 3 hours still, but whatever i am already level 4 on wingman and getting better playing this 2vs2, as i'm already very good player of cs go haha
Pyromancer™ 19 hours ago 
Ok but i get little ban temp on cs go by leavning the match, whatever we can play it now if you have free time and if i'm not banned anymore xD
19 hours ago 
Pyromancer™ Jun 24 @ 9:52am 
Hey man some time or day we can play ''wingman'' that famous mode 2vs2 on cs go, i'm needing for complete my missions
GTX Jun 2 @ 4:41am 
+rep great friend
✡ AuschwitZ ✡ May 28 @ 7:31am