Christopher   Los Angeles, California, United States
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Also this account is also used by another person!

Social Media

Tweeter: @chrisscar005
Steam: your on it dumbass
Youtube: Channel

Profiles on websites and shitz

Battle.net: Chrisscar#1782

Steam: well no shit

PSN: LilChris005

Uplay: LilChris005

PC Specs!

CPU: Now Your Playing with Potato Power!
GPU: Now Your Playing with Potato Power!
Motherboard: Now Your Playing with Potato Power!
Memory: Now Your Playing with Potato Power!
SSD: Now Your Playing with Potato Power!
Case: Now Your Playing with Potato Power!

Other shitz and information

TF2Center Stats [tf2center.com] ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3ds Friend Code: 4613 9189 4761
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Last Online 2 hrs, 30 mins ago
Q&A and More!

Q: Potato! Would you accept my friend request?
A: Yes, i would accept and ask you ''Hello! May I ask why did you friend me?'' If you dont give me a good enough reason i would unfriend. profiles cant be private also, if i do accept a private profile request its probably someone from a discord channel, minecraft, or irl friend.

Q: Potato! Can i invite you to any groups?
A: Yes! Long as there not raffle groups.

Q: Potato! I need help with TF2 Can you help me?
A: Yes! I would be glad to help you in TF2!

Q: Potato can i invite you to my CoD and raffle group?
A: No! I decline the invite instantly!

Q: Why did you friend me?
A: Either because i want to trade with you or because some other reason.

Q: Why do you have so many hours on SFM?
A: ..... ?

Q: Do you play Minecraft?
A: Indeed i do, its actually my most played game of 2012 and today. If you see me online for like 10 or 6 hours or probably more, i'm most likely on Minecraft.

Q: Are You Female?
A: No.


Anime, Pixel Art, Also Retro Games!

Extra Information

(More on my Bio) I like Games Such as TF2, L4D2, Gmod, and Minecraft. Also Overwatch! I love to chat & voice chat. The Only platforms i really only voice chat on is on discord. I'm More Active on The Materials discord than my actual own discord. Anyways if you want more me i'm more me when you message me. I also love helping people! So if theres anything you need help with i'll be glad to help you. I dont find csgo interesting.

Best chat
POTATOChrisscar: pornhub
POTATOChrisscar: great
POTATOChrisscar: porn
POTATOChrisscar: :ok_hand:
FLY8FLY: :ihopeyoudie:
POTATOChrisscar: :sweat_drops:

Recent Activity

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last played on Jan 19
1,292 hrs on record
last played on Jan 19
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last played on Jan 19
Dj Star boy Jan 13 @ 11:25am 
Thet was racist to the fruit flies of the world
FLY8FLY Jan 11 @ 5:39am 
cos u dont deserve it retard
Dj Star boy Jan 1 @ 8:02am 
Its the 4th of July
Dj Star boy Jan 1 @ 8:02am 
Dude are you kidding me?
FLY8FLY Jan 1 @ 6:43am 
FLY8FLY Jan 1 @ 6:43am 
Happy Halloween