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[h1]This add-on provides needed materials for playing on servers using the NutScript framework.

To find the NutScript framework, visit: [/h1]
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[UPC] JustPlaye Aug 14 @ 7:53am 
Hello I have Nutscript and the HL2RP scheme on my server and there when I take an M9K weapon or my own weapon in the hand or the normal standard weapons of Garrysmod then you can not shoot with weapons. And this is quite stupid since I find Nutscript really good. I ask for a quick reply.
[SG] Boris Aug 1 @ 5:10pm 
Hi, I need your help, you can add me for any questions? Thank you.
Spryth Jul 23 @ 1:32pm 
Added for a few questions on nutscript.
Toxic - DND until 19th Jul 19 @ 11:34am 
I'd like to ask some questions about your gamemode.
D.Deagif Jul 11 @ 12:19am 
hi , i'd like buy your jailbreak addon file , but i can't use paypal , How about using the steam CDK?