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I do not accept anyone that has a private profile and is a lvl 0! If you send me a friend request I'll welcome you with open arms because everyone deserves a chance.

I usually like to play games with a few friends of mine, so if you wanna play together feel free to ask me I'm never too busy. If I am away that means I am mostly baking a muffin or verious types of pasteries, and chefs like me dont like to be interupted so please be polite. If im offline that means I'm asleep, at school or testing out a new recipe for my restaurant, so if you have a message leave it and ill get back to you as soon as possible.
Well yeah that being said I guess Its- *Sniff* *Sniff* OH NO! ME MUFFINS!! we'll I'll see ya next time my fellow friends. Chef Mufuan out.

★ Animes I loved watching ★

★ Naruto
★ One peice
★ Bleach
★ Toriko
★ Attack on Titan
★ Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma
★ Fairy Tale
★ Hunter x Hunter

Dream Items:

1. Any knife in csgo
2. Any unusual in tf2
3. Frontside Misty Factory New
4. M9 Bayonet Tiger Tooth

Memorable Quotes And Moments

Chiefmuffin: Do you know the cereal Lucky Charms?
Kanto: Muffin I'm older than you.... Of course I know the cereal Lucky Charms.
Chiefmuffin: What do you think of it?
Kanto: It's magical garbage.

Kanto | : Can you skype right now
Chiefmuffin: cant im doing spanish hw
Kanto | : I'll help you
Chiefmuffin: how i need to study them
Chiefmuffin: and i need to draw pictures
Chiefmuffin: whihc im drawing now
Kanto | : Yes I can help you
Chiefmuffin: later?
Kanto | : Im good at italian though
Chiefmuffin: -_-
Kanto | : Alaskin?
Chiefmuffin: spanish
Kanto | : El Pizza
Kanto | : see
Kanto | : The Pizza
Kanto | : Sound it out muffin
Chiefmuffin: como se IIama?
Chiefmuffin: como estas?
Kanto | : bean
Chiefmuffin: what?
Kanto | : thats good in spanish
Kanto | : moi beano

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