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Hello everyone, I am just a little frog here just chilling before thanksgiving and such. I can be found mostly just wandering the worlds of various video games, especially on Team Fortress 2 and Megaman Battle Network. I am also wanted by various Operators since they love someone that can get the inside scoop...


Name: Currently unknown.

Species: Toadman.EXE

Height: 2'00" / 60.96 cm

Weight: 20.3 lbs / 9.21 kg

Age: Currently unknown, though appears to be young at first glance.

Gender: Male

Current Location: Electric Town, Electopia (With Ribbita)

Total Experience Points: Currently unknown.

Level: 32

Type: Water

Status: Normal

Hit Points: 70/200

Battle Deck: Reporting Sage (Focuses more on support rather than ATK or DEF.)

Equiped Item: Tango Caller (Summons a Navi to assist if HP is in critical levels.)

Attack: 1/5

Defense: 2/5

Special Attack: 3/5

Special Defense: 2/5

Speed: 5/5

Type Resistances:

Physical: Normal (100% Damage)

Magic: Normal (100% Damage)

Normal: Normal (100% Damage)

Fire: Resistant (50% Damage)

Water: Absorb (-100% Damage)

Grass: Weakness (200% Damage)

Fighting: Resistant (10% Damage)

Flying: Normal (100% Damage)

Dragon: Normal (100% Damage)

Electric: Weakness (300% Damage)

Poison: Normal (100% Damage)

Ground: Normal (100% Damage)

Rock: Normal (100% Damage)

Ice: Resistant (50% Damage)

Bug: Normal (100% Damage)

Ghost: Normal (100% Damage)

Fairy: Normal (100% Damage)

Steel: Resistant (50% Damage)

Psychic: Normal (100% Damage)

Dark: Normal (100% Damage)

Light: Normal (100% Damage)

Sound: Normal (100% Damage)

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Toadman's Information Box:
"Either you're going to give the scoop, or just simply droop there in the news." -Toadman


Toadman is a small, slightly humanoid, toad-like Navi that has a primarily green body. He has a walnut-shaped head that is green on its outer shell layering while being gray on the insides like his inner body parts are. Two lightly yellow, round protrusions are seen on Toadman's head with minus signs being in the center and the outer edges being in a chartreuse hue; giving off the impression of ears. Two red, brace-like protrusions can be seen on the sides of his head, as they serve the purpose of comfort and cushioning. His eyes have big, black pupils that seem dilated at first glance, as the irises are cloud white. He has a small, golden mouth that matches the color of the inner edges of the openings on his head, neck and the bottom edges encircling his waist. His small, spherical shoulders are that of a light yellow hue like his ears. His thick wrists are green while his palms each have a big, slotted screw made for easier movement from increased stability. His hands also have three modest-sized, chartreuse flat fingers that are each perfectly rounded. The top half of his underside is green while the bottom, slightly arced portion is that of a cloudy white like his irises. On his bottom lies a small hole with a yellowish edge that is likely for other purposes that most do not discourse about. His thin thighs are gray while his thick calves are green with rounded edges on the top and bottom areas. His feet each have three stubby protrusions together that give off the impression of toes.

Personality and Characteristics

Toadman tends to be somewhat social towards others, though sometimes he backs off when it comes to personal situations. He can be attention seeking at times, since he wants to make a great story that would impress his operator to a degree beyond inspiration. However, he can be stubborn when it comes to things not going his way since he tends to be a huge risk taker when it comes to being denied something he wanted to do already. He can be rather silly at times since his croaks can make a few chuckles while his voice cracks in his songs can often deliver more laughs than applauds.

Standard Moves:

Toad Smack: Toadman hops towards the target and smacks them with his right hand, inflicting moderate damage. This move can be charged to inflict slightly more damage and hit at a wider range.

Shocker Note: Toadman emits a note filled with electricity after a loud croak, as it homes in at the target. This move inflicts double damage if the target is in water.

Special Moves:

Leap n' Sweep: Toadman leaps into the air while attacking the target a few moments after. While Toadman is in the air, most incoming attacks will miss and the custom gauge stops recharging until he is back on the ground.

Enumeration Query: Toadman performs a brief analysis on the target, gaining insight into their data; revealing their HP, weaknesses and other stats. This move can be used multiple times on the same target to reveal more information and have it in a detailed manner.

Silencio Verse: Toadman sings a brief, composed verse at all enemies, which may inflict Censor; disabling the usage of all special moves and activation of the custom screen for three turn cycles.

Life Melody: (Ultimate) Toadman croons a song at the party, as it automatically revives all party members from the KO/fainted state with 20% HP, but heals all alive members with full HP and bestows every member with the effects of increased DEF, SP DEF and EVA for three turn cycles.
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