Mr. Bones for sega saturn
Will Hemric   North Carolina, United States
Developer of Canvas Quest and truly nothing else worthwhile.

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I'm a person. I play games. I like Chao, Nintendo, Smash Bros., and other things that some people might not like. If you are one of those people, feel free to share your opinion. Just remember that what you say doesn't matter to anyone else. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and NO ONE'S is the best/most correct.

Also, I made a game. Check it out:

YouTube channel:

FAQ or whatever

"Why won't you respond to my messages?"
I usually just don't care enough. Don't take it the wrong way. Or do, see if I care. If I don't know you, I'm likely not gonna start a conversation with you.

Things not to ask me

"Wanna play Duck Game?"
If you're asking me this through Steam PMs, the answer will most likely be no. I don't really play Duck Game that much anymore except with close friends.

"Wanna play <insert game here>?"
Again, if you're some guy I don't regularly talk to who's asking me through Steam PMs, the answer is most likely no.

"Hey wanna trade hats/skins/weapons/whatever?"


"But I need-"

"Then can you gift me this game? It's really cheap and-"


"Chao's Playmate: how get, it like 300 bucks"

"Chao's Playmate: plz click, i need mah jams"

"Devinfarm: Do you know i have a channel?
Devinfarm: On yt
Chao's Playmate: you commented
Devinfarm: Yes i did
Devinfarm: So your that 1 subscriber
Chao's Playmate: neet"

"Devinfarm: in the real world, you can run but you can't hide, behind a computer, its vice versa"

"Chao's Playmate: I wouldn't click on a link like that (ok i would probably)"

"Chao's Playmate: back in my day sonny we just had hats, and that was okay"

"Chao's Playmate: we are the
Chao's Playmate: pirates
Chao's Playmate: who dont buy anything
Chao's Playmate: we just stay home
Chao's Playmate: and pirate games
Chao's Playmate: and if you ask us
Chao's Playmate: to buy anything
Chao's Playmate: we'll just tell you
Chao's Playmate: we don't buy anything
Chao's Playmate: well i've never bought a wii u and i've never bought an xbox
Chao's Playmate: and i'm not really that interested in the ps4
Chao's Playmate: and i've never bought a disc game and i've never bought a cartridge
Chao's Playmate: and i've never really wanted any more
Chao's Playmate: *chorus repeats*"

"Chao - Vampire Hunter: call your doctor if you think gross fetishes aren't right for you"

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chao's very gay and so are you