Chairface Chippendale
Cpt.Gravity or Chairface Chippendale
--------------------------->Ring me<---------------------------
*DEAD* Oddly Casual : Chair face trys so hard XD
Chairface Chippendale : wat
[SM] Babe Lincoln (No Sound) has been changed to Red to balance the teams.
*SPEC* koomah Seargent Tit Milk : hes silver you scrublord

Dominos attempts to seduce a green-haired waifu. Things don't go as planned.
thumpingbear : hey Chairface - you're a good medic, man.
while looking at my profile enjoy some music

9:48 PM - Chairface Chippendale: Looking For Sex
9:48 PM - yuca LFS: Scrims too!
9:48 PM - yuca LFS: People tend to mis interpret LFS for some reason
9:48 PM - yuca LFS: They expect scrims

Uncle Quacker : bob ross i'm glad i got revenge

4:06 PM - #FuckTwitch Chairface: 12:55 PM - Ed Balls: you know that hentai scene with cluck like a chicken
4:04 PM - #FuckTwitch Chairface: bible black
4:04 PM - Ed Balls: the guy talking was knuckles from sonic
4:06 PM - 420c waterr-: what
4:06 PM - #FuckTwitch Chairface: ever seen bible black?
4:14 PM - 420c waterr-: who do you think i am
4:14 PM - #FuckTwitch Chairface: a person who watches hentai
4:14 PM - #FuckTwitch Chairface: maybe
4:14 PM - 420c waterr-: alstnfilame
4:14 PM - #FuckTwitch Chairface: what happened to the b?
4:15 PM - #FuckTwitch Chairface: but here let me explain
4:15 PM - 420c waterr-: go to hentaigasm
4:15 PM - 420c waterr-: look up "vampire"
4:15 PM - 420c waterr-: click the first one
4:15 PM - #FuckTwitch Chairface: in the early 2000nds a hentai called bible black was created
4:16 PM - 420c waterr-: the one with the chick with the bubble-gum pink hair
4:16 PM - 420c waterr-: and watch it
4:16 PM - 420c waterr-: i liked the scene where she jacks the guy off with her tail
4:16 PM - 420c waterr-: it was very inventive

wait people really use "fuckboy" as an insult? it sounds like a 4th grader made it up
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