Baalzephon: Sergal /- / Cazador
Gender: Male / - / Male
Region: Northern / - / Latin America
Height: 2 meters / - / 1.8meters
Status: Mated / - / Single
Weapon: Battle Axe / - / Brain
More: privated lol

lol moments
11:44 - Cazador(Baalzephon): well, i will go and watch netfix on my cabin
11:44 - Cazador(Baalzephon): if someone need soemthing just call me
11:44 - Foxy: *nods*
11:44 - Gavir: *Pets Foxy's head slowly*
11:46 - Dragon: *pets foxy too* ^,..,^
11:46 - Dragon: you're a good foxy
11:47 - ☾Black Night☽: Untell someone starts working at the place...
11:48 - Cazador(Baalzephon): i do work here *yell from the cabin*
11:48 - ☾Black Night☽: Oh...
Cazador(Baalzephon): hows everyone doing?
dovahkitty🐯: good
Best Cuda: My physics professor said I had great potential and then he shoved me off of a building
Best Cuda: ba dum tiss
Cazador(Baalzephon): :v
Cazador(Baalzephon): the updated version, i added some fags to see where my program gets stuck
Cazador(Baalzephon): void llenar_bases(int* base1,int numerito)
int acum = numerito;
int indice = 0;
while (acum >= 0);
printf("check3: %d %d /n",acum ,indice);
base1[indice] = acum;
indice ++;

Para: ok first of all
Cazador(Baalzephon): it prints check1 and check2, but check3 not
Para: "i added some fags" -Caz 2015
Para: xD
Cazador(Baalzephon): xD
Cazador(Baalzephon): they are flags yes or no?
Para: fLags yes.
Para: with an L.
Para: not FAGS xD
Cazador(Baalzephon): xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Cazador(Baalzephon): shit

░░░░░░▐▌▀▄▀▄▀▐▄SPOOKY SKELETON
Currently Online
ANIMU :v Sword Art Online -vs- Log Horizon -vs- Overlord
Kirito: "I super leet hazors also master swordsman and mega strategy now look at my generic ass harem and my character-less face"

Shiroe: "Our geopolitical situation is rife with challenges, but I believe the most pressing matter is gold inflation due to excessive monster farming. Now, if you look into my 100-stage master plan and turn to page 394, we can exploit this . . . "

Ainz Ooal Gown: "Okay, I may be a insanely powerful Skeleton Overlord of Death in this world, but we still need to plan this right. We must be smart about this. But I swear if someone harms my guild I WILL FUCKING KILL THEM"

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You do not run TERA from the .exe you hit the play buttonm inside steam. also, verify game cache.
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