I hate myself
(insert name here)   Panama

๊๊๊๊๊๊MrSkyQuackers : hey light can you scurb lord any other class?

Megumi Tadokoro : light is a shitty player

Eepasheep : light stop please

grey : light plsd

♣Pa|n♣ : cmon light u got crit hacks or something XD

*DEAD* weed_kush123 : wow light suck a fucking dick you dirty cun

*DEAD* ™|Nekrøs' Dlëw|: : Light noob.

*DEAD* 🐉-🔥-Alpha-🔥-🐉 : light is dumb

*DEAD* Not HungryBox : i dont think light likes me

*DEAD* wadezombie : light why semen liked you

*DEAD* brick : Light, you lil bitch

MintCatz : Light greatest player

*DEAD* TM : light please please please no kill me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Last Breath "Boop" : light please dont kill me

{Senpai} Bleach : light fuck off fag (づ ͡° ͜つ ͡°)づ
{Senpai} Bleach : or we ban u

⇜☪ Όωαعмσηعу☭ : Ligth You are patetic

Basement Shark : Light kill friendlies to fill his massive ego

↑Slaughterpuff The Boop Lord : your to op plz nerf light

BaggyTheAnorexicElephant : Light... hm reminds me of a fanfic character
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Veras que es muy distinta
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Sí! 7u7