Forgotten Soul
Mike   Grado, Asturias, Spain
No puedo vivir un día sin té!

Ver detalles a continuación.
Te voy a dar consejos: vivir y disfrutar de la vida mientras pueda, de lo contrario será demasiado tarde. Si usted entiende esto, es usted una persona feliz
Bienvenido a mi perfil!

Me encanta jugar juegos de ordenador, chat, recoger objetos y mucho más
Me acepto cualquier jugadores que quiere chatear o jugar
Me no importa a engañadores logros, pero no VAC-prohibido
Si desea comunicarse conmigo en un diferente idioma, yo sé: Ruso , Inglés , y ligeramente francés

Mis apodos:



Mi hardware

(-+=+-) Placa madre : |Asus z170-p| lga1151-atx ret
(-+=+-) Procesador : |intel i5 6600k| 4.0 Ghz, 6m.
(-+=+-) Tarjeta de video : |GeForce NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti|, 384-bit, 6 GB GDDR5
(-+=+-) RAM : |Corsair Vengeance LPX| DDR4 2x8Gb 2666 Mhz
También, el cuaderno con i3 3220m 820m.
Currently In-Game
Fallout: New Vegas
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Avg. Game Completion Rate
If you don't know Spanish...
Feel free to add me, if you want to talk or play, but i may be busy for some reasons
I don't remove people without reason, so be calm
If you are delete me and i don't know why you did it, i can accept your friend request again. But do not abuse my patience
I don't care about lost friends. If they wanted to lost me, it's their choice only

Else more information about me
My age is 32
My name is Mike, Michael, Mikhail, as you wish =)
My native language is russian and english, i lived in Spain some times
I'm not very talkative, but i can talk with you about anything, only if you want =)
I do like too much games and it's genres, including Racing and Strategy
I'm the friend collector. I want to be with people who never scam or offence anybody

Some my rules, you need to know
I don't accepting any group requests (no more), so don't try to recruit me
I don't accepting private profiles
I will block any traders
If you adding me, your profile may be 0+, i don't care about it. But don't add me if you will inactive currently from this account
Don't use any offense, i don't like it. You will be blocked or removed
Don't invite me in games like Dota 2 or CS:GO. I'm not a good player in it
Usually, i always answer on messages when i'm not busy. Don't think i'm ignoring you

My good friends (you may be there if you earn it) :
۩ THE_Incinerate ۩

Games, i finished on 100%:
(There must be mistake after my account was hacked, sorry)

- Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter (70/70)
- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (75/75)
- Serious Sam Double D XXL (30/30)
- Saints Row: The Third (83/83)
- Russian Horror Story (12/12)
- Double Dragon Neon (29/29)
- Super Sanctum TD (27/27)
- Castle Crashers (12/12)
- Spiral knights (54/54)
- Metro 2033 (48/48)
- Zup! (118/118)
- Zup! 2 (229/229)
- Zup! 3 (1708/1708)
- Zup! 4 (555/555)
- Freedom Planet (56/56)
- Metro 2033 Redux (49/49)
- Metro Last Light Redux (49/49)

Games, i want to finish on 100%:
- Saints Row IV (70/73)
- Borderlands 2 (68/69)
- Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter (30/35)
- POSTAL 2 (82/89)
- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (135/167)
- Serious Sam 3: BFE (bugged)
Favorite Game

Recent Activity

53 hrs on record
Currently In-Game
0.8 hrs on record
last played on Apr 25
Achievement Progress   1043 of 1043
400 hrs on record
last played on Apr 25
Gromax 52 minutes ago 

Vygan San 18 hours ago 
It's alright. I hope you feel better soon! Good luck on​ your journey to 100% complete your games
Vygan San 19 hours ago 
I heard you were feeling down, so I got you a gift
Gromax Apr 24 @ 7:26am 
EgOX Apr 23 @ 9:26am 
I'm here to scale all of your items- I mean um... I'm from yes.
EmptyEngineer | ScrapTF Apr 23 @ 9:23am 
I'm a frequent ScrapTF user that likes to play a lot of games and make new friends. Although I've been having slight computer problems for the past few days, I should be able to get my main computer to work and talk often.