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To show how serious I am about my approval of the game, I bought the DLC just to support the company in hopes they'll continue making incredible games. The DLC (which is extra content like art booklet, sketches, quality wallpapers, ect.) is actually really neat and shows you the creativity behind the game. Buy this if you'd like to support the creators behind Doki Doki Literature Club!
Posted October 31, 2017.
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I don't normally play visual novels, mainly because there's nothing special about them. You know how it goes ... you're the male protagonist in a high school setting with a bunch of female friends all wanting to be with you (aka a harem). Cute, romantic, silly, what have you. A very few visual novels tend to break the mold such as Katawa Shoujo (my absolutely favorite and free to play) and now, Doki Doki Literature Club.

Without spoiling anything, this visual novel tries to make it seem the typical visual novel you would pick up to date one-dimensional girls because they're cute. Soon you realize, there's more to them than you thought and now you feel bad for assuming such. Eventually it gets to a point it's an emotional roller coaster and there's no breaks for this ride. You will be in for a treat with this one, I promise you.

One of them (whom I won't say because I want you to see how each girl is first hand) is so intelligent and real, it's insane. It took me by surprise and made me realize i've been treating this game like a ... game, rather than what would happen if it was more than that. They made me take a step back to see the bigger pictuer, and I found this girl to perhaps be, if not the most, realistic character I had ever came to interact with in the history of gaming. I highly, highly suggest that you try this game out because it's outstanding, free to play, and will impact you harder than most visual novels could dream of accomplishing.
Posted October 31, 2017.
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The wait for this DLC was long, and I remember being very excited for it. Yet, I was cautiously optimistic because the last DLC (Ashes of Ariandel) wasn't so great. Once this DLC came out, I jumped right into it and took my time playing it until I defeated all the bosses and explored most of the areas (not all, some are unknown to me). Let's get right into what is good, what is bad, and if the DLC is worth.

  • It is quite longer than the last DLC, to a good degree.
  • Has multiple environments to look at and explore, more than the last DLC.
  • Heavy on lore and clears up a lot of questions for us lore fans.
  • Most of the boss fights are really good, and unique without feeling dull.
  • Plenty of weapons and armors to pick up, some nostalgic too.
  • Challenging and will test you on how good you are.
  • Enemy AI aren't dumb, and can't be cheesed. They're all tough.
  • Certain enemies can't be dealt with force, must be creative in taking down.
  • Easter eggs and call backs are clearly present here.
  • Plenty of enemy types to not get old fast.
  • Has ties with the vanilla and DLC, feeling like your work built something up.

  • Certain areas caused major FPS drops, regardless of my graphics altering.
  • Some areas very annoying due to certain enemy types, felt unfair.
  • One optional boss wasn't so great, due to PvP being forced in.
  • One other optional boss, despite amazing, can 1 shot you at any time.
  • While it is longer than the other DLC, it can be completed in 2-3 hours.
  • Too much nostalgia / DS 1 references, felt a bit much.
  • Some dialogue choices with NPCs don't matter too much sadly.
  • Some areas have too many enemies to deal with, making you want to run past.
  • Lack of spells. Despite the DLC has great spells, there's not many to get.
  • Some enemies have rare loot, a bit annoying to farm (nit pick)

I gave Ashes of Ariandel a thumbs down because it was too short, had repetitive enemy ambushes with overused enemies of the same type, and didn't have much going for it besides a great final boss. This one seems to of understood the last one's flaws and tried to polish, and while it didn't do the best it could ... the DLC is worth getting. I will say the biggest issue is giving us too many difficult enemies to deal with and not being able to explore without rushing through half the time. The mechanic seems interesting on paper, but in game ... it kills the fun until you figure out how to deal with these certain enemy types. You'll know whom i'm talking about when you see them.
Posted March 29, 2017. Last edited March 29, 2017.
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I heard bad things about this game during launch ... and boy was it a mess. Mixed reviews mostly, but I would say a good sum were negative with good reasons behind their statements. So I decided it would be best not to touch this game. Three years pass, and many, and I mean MANY changes have been made. Hearing about it's major updates and making my friends very satisfied with the game's current state, I decided to give it a go.

So, was it worth? The short answer is ... Yea, very much so. The long answer?

  • Game is beyond massive ... you will unlikely explore everything even if you play this game for weeks.
  • Every class is fun, with unique mechanics and much variety to make your character stand out.
  • Graphics are quite amazing and detailed, hell it might even top vanilla Skyrim's graphics.
  • Main quest, guild quests, and important quests are all very interesting to take part in.
  • Addictive gameplay when it comes to fighting, and you will probably love the combat system.
  • Can invest in being a baker, blacksmith, wood carver, ahchemist, enchanter, and much more.
  • Unique cosmetics like having a pet, having a horse, having unique armor pieces and more.
  • Character creation has just enough to be satisfying and making your character stand out.
  • Can play with friends, do PvP in a massive zone, and co-op to your heart's content.
  • Each faction is vastly different than the others, making you want to try each one out.
  • Atmosphere and the environments were astounding to check out.
  • NPCs, the story, the plot, the lore, ect. matched my expectations perfectly.
  • Voice acting, the dialogue, and choices you can make does feel impactful.
  • Books to read that can make you spend 30 minutes on a single book or longer.
  • Dungeons and ruins were incredibly fun to explore in.
  • Multiple ways to level up, and you can continue to level past 160 with many benefits.
  • Most bosses in this game are awesome, and can be challenging to take down by yourself.
  • Plenty of options to play with so your experience in ESO suits your preferences.

  • A lot of side quests will get old pretty fast, or feel too similar to previous side quests.
  • Each faction only allows you to pick between 3 races. If you want to pick any race for any faction, it's behind a paywall.
  • PvP feels unbalanced, and only works in a tight meta based build which is unfortunate to say.
  • Being a werewolf / vampire in PvP sucks, as you'll die within seconds to Silver Bolts (Fighter's Guild Perk)
  • All enemies in the game scale with you, making progression feel lack luster or abscent.
  • Very easy to get knocked off your horse if you're nearby enemies as an attack is sent your way.
  • Little reason to every buy anything from the markets when you can craft / find better stuff.
  • Most of the hair / armor / great stuff in the online store is quite expensive, turning people off from buying.
  • Can't even buy things straight up, you buy tokens which is annoying to purchase and use overall.
  • Limited options in playing first & third person, can't zoom in much like you could in Skyrim.
  • Multiple bugs, including ones that broke my immersion like when a boss got stuck in a wall.
  • It's an MMO, so there are elements like grinding, backtracking and so on that can be off putting.

Although an MMO, it felt more like an Elder Scrolls game overall. While there are flaws and gimmicks that annoyed me, the overall experience and adventure you could have with this game definitely makes up for it. Time consuming, fun, enjoyable, and a game that has dramatically improved since launch ... I can easily recommend this to anyone who's partly into the Elder Scrolls series. I haven't even completed the main game, and I plan on playing this until it burns me out.
Posted February 14, 2017.
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Oh god ... people weren't kidding. This game was poorly ported to the PC, with horrible bugs unresolved. I really wanted to give this game a positive review like I did for the first game- but only after 20+ minutes the horrors were true. Controller feedback was bad, the game lagged / froze during OFFLINE mode. I repeat, offline mode where it was straight up PvE, and worst of all the game crashed on me. Twice, during twenty minutes.

What the heck man? I mean apart from the cringe worthy music, the game seemed solid so far mechanic wise. However, due to the port being crap, I can't even play the game even if I wanted to. Blame the devs, not the people who worked on the game itself.
Posted December 26, 2016.
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If you had Skyrim: Legendary Edition for the PC, you probably got the Special Edition for free. While that's fine and all, we should never let that get in the way of how we view the game itself. So, is it better than the 2011 version by any chance? After playing it for 5 hours vanilla, then 1 hour modded, I can tell you the pros and cons now, along with differences between old Skyrim and this one.

  • SSE feels way smoother, with 60 frames a second. Better flow of gameplay / movement.
  • Graphics are improved, not to a serious degree but they're pretty nice.
  • Lighting and effects are much better, standing out compared to 2011 version.
  • Environment / background no longer stutters (where mountains / water freaks out)
  • Shadows are improved, some even reacting realistically to movement now
  • Particles and weather changes no longer cause FPS drops.
  • 3D Models seem a bit polished, along with other textures to cause better FPS performance.
  • Loading times are a lot faster, sometimes instant which is awesome.
  • Already has some great mods for use, to make the game FAR more fun.

  • HUD is absolute crap. It's really awful and the inventory menu is also horrible.
  • Same bugs / glitces that 2011 Skyrim had, no improvements on that.
  • Although game doesn't crash as often, it still crashes or freezes for no reason.
  • Combat is the same, with no improvements on spells or the mechanics at all.
  • Achievements are disabled if you download any mods ... really Bethesda?
  • No changes to the quests, characters, or touching the core game.
  • Charaacter models look bland, bad, and the NPCs can have seams on their necks.
  • Some content is still cut out, so you'll need to download Cutting Room Floor[www.nexusmods.com] to get everything.

Personally, I believe Special Edition was meant for the console users since it's now portable to the Xbox One / PS4 with mod support, plus touched on graphics and lighting. However to my disappointment, nothing else has really changed. It's more stable, crashes less, and looks nice but doesn't offer much else for me to really consider it better than the 2011 version.

HOWEVER, I will say this: SSE is capable of topping 2011 once enough mods come out for it, due to how the game can handle much heavier scripts / heavy duty mods and can register much better than the old Skyrim with more mods and stable performance. In other words, this SSE is going to shine brightly since it has way more room for modders to make greater mods without the fear of limitations or quality drops from memory usage. Give it a year and i'm sure SSE will be better than 2011, but that'll take awhile. I'll also pray that the modding community can release SKSE because christ the HUD / inventory menu sucks so much.

Also hey it's free so no need for me to hate on the game. Still, Bethesda was a bit lazy to not improve other elements in the game but i'll take the open room for modding improvement / enhanced capabilitties without sacrificing the FPS or risk of crashes.

If you decide to play this game, PLEASE install Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch[www.nexusmods.com] so half the problems vanilla has gets patched up.
Posted November 15, 2016.
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Before I get to the point ... this DLC is actually quite good. Any expansion to Dark Souls is worth the time, and I enjoyed playing this new story to the franchise. The DLC offers new weapons, armor, spells, and lore that will definitely keep you more immersed into the Souls universe. But, how is the DLC itself exactly and what made me give it a thumbs down? I'll start with what makes it good.

- Interesting lore that answers a lot of questions to the vanilla game.
- Good NPCs / Invaders to challenge you in fights with smart AI.
- Boss fights were epic, and not at all a cake walk. Very fun.
- Weapons are unique and make you want to try each one out.
- Certain parts of the DLC are nostalgic with good memories.

- DLC falls into the enemy horde trap where the challenge in PvE lies in being outnumbered instead of being outmatched. You will constantly fight hordes of the same enemy types which gets old fast.
- Scenery is nice at first, but it doesn't change much from there and isn't as creative as the Painted World in the first Dark Souls game.
- DLC is pretty short. You can be it in less than 2 hours even after doing everything in it ...
- PvP arena is a nice feature, but it should of been implemented from the start of the game's release.
- Only a very few armor sets and hardly any worthy spells.
- DLC can be cheesed to get all the items at level 30.

Again while the DLC is alright and had amazing boss fights, it had cons that stood out too strongly for me and as a true fan, I have to be fair to my beloved game.

Posted October 25, 2016.
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Dark Souls III is everything you wanted from the first Dark Souls, and leaves out what made you dislike Dark Souls II. While I will continue playing this game even after completing it; I wanted to give you guys a proper review.

  • Environment is breath taking, and puts the earlier Dark Souls games to shame in comparison.
  • Far more interesting enemies than humans in armor, including bosses.
  • Nostalgia is strong with this game, and you'll love every reference thrown your way.
  • AI improved dramatically, so enemies are going to give you a challenge.
  • Weapon variety is great, which also applies to armor.
  • Armor cannot be upgraded, so wear whatever you want. Fashion souls is back!
  • If you love exploring, this game will consume you. Easy to get lost in.
  • So many shortcuts, secrets, illusionary walls, you'll always stumble on something new.
  • Co-op is easy to access, and hardly any problems with the server.
  • Character creation offers a ton of options for making your character stand out.
  • Each weapon has a special ability, making each one unique on it's own.
  • NPCs are really developed, and don't stay in one spot. They're also very likable too.
  • Quests are back, so you can go back to certain areas and activate new events.
  • If you like horror films, this game has some nightmare fuel for yah.
  • Can now get your flask out during a fight without searching through slots (hold down on down depad).
  • Replayability is a solid option for sure. You'll most likely have multiple playthroughs.
  • Enemies don't despawn, so you can grind to your heart's content.
  • Your covenant changes the kind of invader you are (sunlight makes you a golden red phantom).
  • Soul Memory is gone, so get as many souls as you want for upgrades / items.
  • Four endings to earn, each offering a strong impact to the story.

  • Heavily influenced by Bloodborne's mechanics, so most enemies are fast & furious.
  • Enemies don't really have a stamina limit, so they can spam their combos for awhile.
  • Lack of spells, hexes, miracles, and pyromancies. They're all cool, but not many to be found.
  • PvP is sluggish, inferior to Dark Soul 2's PvP which was fun and balanced.
  • Certain enemies can't be beaten unless you have certain items or do certain tasks.
  • Game can feel short if you don't take the time to explore any optional areas.
  • Until you reach more than half way into the game, weapons are hard to upgrade.
  • Too many ambushes, which leaves you less surprised when it happens again.
  • Most enemies have higher poise than you, so you're going to be dodging / blocking more often.
  • Game is more demanding with graphics than Dark Souls 2, so you might need to turn certain options on low.
  • Certain areas make the FPS drop, or lag so be ready for that.
  • Tends to crash now and again, depending on what you're doing.
  • Covenants are weak, and not satisfying to rank up in.
  • Invasions / invading isn't fun because again PvP is sluggish, wonky and poorly done.
  • NPCs can die easily from anything, so an enemy can kill them during mid conversation.
  • Ember is hard to find, but luckily helping hosts gives you one per successful mission.
  • NPC enemies / invaders deal more damage, have more HP & poise than you. Unfair.
  • Can lose the chance on getting items / armor if particular quests failed.
  • Greatswords and weapons alike are either weak or OP, there is no middle ground.
  • Game rewards you for being aggressive & spamming over thinking carefully like previous games.
  • Luck is useless due to the fact you can grind enemies without them despawning.

Is Dark Souls III worth getting? YES. It's an excellent game and despite there's a lot of issues I have here and there with it, they did an excellent job making this game spectacular. NPCs are engaging & very interesting, bosses along with nearly every enemy possess unique designs, almost all the weapons are handy in doing something useful, co-op is very enjoyable to be a part of, scenery & the setting is absolutely beautiful (even in the areas meant to look ugly are appealing to the eye), and each build is going to be fun to experiment with. Granted, it's a shame that the game wants you to play it like you're in Bloodborne instead and most of the enemies are way to hostile & fast for their own good, but otherwise this game is a solid 8.5 out of 10 for me. Worth full price, plus we haven't even gotten the DLC yet! Hope you guys were able to get most out of my review, and please feel free to ask me any questions about the game!
Posted April 15, 2016.
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I admit, it wasn't really cool when From Software decided to charge people $60 for a game that already existed, except they changed things around / the improved edition add on. However for those who already owned Dark Souls 2, got a huge discount and only had to pay $19.99 instead to upgrade their game.

I'm just pointing that out before giving this game the actual review, because although I am a huge fanboy of Dark Souls, I won't be biased and ignore the bullcrap stunt From Software pulled. With that said, let's begin shall we?

Difference between Dark Souls II and Scholar of the First Sin

I feel it's highly important to point out what the differences are. After playing a good 120+ hours on this game, trying out different builds and getting 100% achievements for this version... it's safe to say I know the major differences are, between the first version and this one.

  • Enemy placement is the biggest one that comes to mind. A huge portion if not every enemy type in the game is placed at different locations, so despite the locations / zones haven't changed, the enemy locations have dramatically changed. For the most part, this is a positive thing because some rough areas are now easier in this area. At the same time, one or two zones have became unfair or highly annoying to fight through but otherwise it's for the best.

  • Story / characters haven't changed all that much. You'll run into them in different areas now, and their AI have improved so you'll not see Lucatiel fall to her death anymore (or as often now). Sad to see From Software didn't try improving the story or plot, let alone the elements that makes Dark Souls II insuperiror to the first Dark Souls game.

  • When you purchase this version, you get all the DLCs for Dark Souls II with it in a bundle. But rather than being given the keys right off the bat- you have to explore the world and find them. Two of them are hard to find, while one you pick up along the way without trying. I must advise, if you do the DLCs ... wait till you've beaten the game first. But don't go into NG+ either because it'll make the DLCs all the harder unless you want a bigger challenge.

  • When you enter NG+ ... more red phantoms to fight and this 'Forlorn' invader will likely invade you at random. No matter how many times you've beaten him, he has the chance of invading you at some point again in your travels. While it is annoying, you do get certain NPC loot which wasn't there in Dark Souls II's first version. Speaking of invasions, you are likely to have more co-op signs / invasions occur because the servers have improved vastly. I hardly have trouble finding online players because the connection is solid.

  • Improved graphics, which isn't saying much. While it does look better than the first version of Dark Souls II ... it isn't breath taking in the leap. I dare say I didn't really notice until certain areas lit up the place. Apart from the lightning and details standing out more, graphics didn't get that much of an upgrade.

  • Secret Final Boss at the end after meeting certain requirements. But this is a fail of a boss, not fun nor challenging. Heck this optional boss doesn't offer you souls nor an item drop. It's to basically unlock a 2nd ending, which still sucks on par with the first ending (did I mention the endings to this game blow?)

  • Hidetaka Miyazaki did not take part in this game, just as he wasn't involved with Dark Souls II. This is also why people feel the game's story / plot / characters aren't as immersive as Dark Soul's cast.

  • Tweaks to the spells, weapons, cost of items, improved item descriptions, range of co-op soul memory works, and more are all present. They're minor in the end so it isn't going to make me give it more points since it's kind of expected for a company to update their game in favor of the players.

Looking into the game itself, the gameplay is solid, replayability has always been a strong point in the Dark Souls series, bosses are fun (too many are humanoids though, and a few are not memorable in the slightest), characters / stories are weak, PvP is really addicting to take part in, mechanics have dramatically improved in comparison with the first Dark Souls game, and the DLCs are entirely worth completing for they offer a lot of rich content.

Is Scholar of the First Sin Worth It?

For $60 ...? No, i'd rather stick with the first Dark Souls II game. While this is better than the first version, I don't believe it's worth buying it as another game entirely. Is it worth getting for $20 if you already own Dark Souls II? Yes, I agree that is a legit price. Deep inside, I want this to be a free upgrade to those who bought their game, but From Software decided their biggest patch was worth charging people money.

Dark Souls 2: SotFS as a GAME gets a 8 / 10 score from me, because the game as a whole is freaken great.

SotFS Edition gets a 5 / 10 ... not enough content added to Dark Souls 2 to consider it a whole new game. In fact i'd go for a 4 out of 10 if it wasn't for the enemy placement and tweaks being such a huge impact to the experience. I again feel it's worth it, ONLY if you already own Dark Souls 2. Otherwise don't bother unless you really want a Dark Souls 2 game but at this point, i'd wait for Dark Souls III to come out this April 16th.
Posted December 12, 2015. Last edited December 12, 2015.
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(I'm going to borrow this quote from someone whom also reviewed this game)

Fallout 4 is like a delicious bacon burger. You go up to the cashier, pay full cash and get a delightful smile in return as the cashier hands you your order. Once you sit down, you examine the burger. Looks very delicious, well cooked, seems exactly how you imagined it, and you know the place you came to eat at has a good reputation. When you take that bite, you get that amazing sensation of ketchup, lettuce, hamburger meat, the bread, along with other sauces to boot. Except, something is missing. You take a second look at the burger, only to find out in disappointment that ... there is no bacon.

There is no bacon on the burger that was meant to be a bacon burger.

This is how I feel about Fallout 4. It's a pretty great game, with much to offer but at the same time really lacks what would of made it 'special' to me.

For starters, this game has decent graphics which isn't as impressive as Skyrim's and just a tad better than Fallout 3's. While the models have vastly improved, that isn't the same thing as "graphics". The NPCs actually look alive so that's a major deal there, however they lack any real personality apart from a very few characters (and it turns out those characters are companions so that's not saying much). While it is very nice to see enemies having more details applied to their model, or how they look different than their past selves in previous titles, the graphics as a whole doesn't really have much to offer for appeal. Not to mention, the scenery isn't that great to look at and quite dull despite Bethesda tried making certain areas more unique. It just wasn't enough to make me feel like exploring the wasteland.

Roleplay Element
My biggest issue with the game as a whole is it's lack of respect to players whom want the freedom of choice. What I mean by this, is how the game steals away your immersion by giving the main protagonist a voice. Now while the voice acting for the male and female is great, the dialogue is really vauge if not cringe worthy. Not to mention there are only four kinds of personality in the game you can go with ... concerned parent, boring robot, sarcastic prick or ask a question only to be the first three traits. Where is the creativity we got in Fallout 3 and New Vegas? Why can't I be the nice guy but have interesting choices along that path instead of the single generic one? Plus, the perk tree system is kind of tame in comparison with the previous ones. What I mean is not many have anything to offer to change the game up, and certain ones are crucial for you to get asap (like lockpicking, barter, ect) even if they're not in your interests to obtain for your character is focused more on say, strength or being a sniper with great perspective skills.

Another huge problem is the difficulty in this game. Unlike Skyrim or Fallout 3 which scales with your level system, Bethesda decided to throw random encounters in this game regardless of your level. Meaning, you can run into some VERY challenging enemies during the first mission. Some early quests actually require you to handle enemies beyond your capabilities like trying to take out a Power Armored man wielding a Fat Man when you still got that 10mm pistol taken from Vault 111. It's not fair, and get this .... in the data files, Vault Dweller (your guy / girl) does 1.0x less damage to enemies, while enemies are given 2.0x MORE damage towards the player. Meaning, Bethesda rigged the enemies to do more damage to you naturally, despite if you have the difficulty on normal. What the hell guys?

It really saddens me, truly. Only a few stood out to me while every other mission (I would say 80% of them) are fetch this / kill that quest with no spin to it. Look at games like the Witcher 3, where every mission has a spin on events and can turn into epic missions. You will get no such surprise in Fallout 4 i'm afraid. Oh and if you want a great main plot, you will not be getting that. The main story is a let down, and you can see the 'twitst' coming up from miles away. In fact, most of the game wants you to fight very often rather then talk your way out / be stealthy / try other options. For example, during one mission a raider wants to talk to you about resolving things peacefully. The game will FORCE you to pick a fight with the raider instead of finding another solution which totally kills the point of roleplaying for me.

There are factions, but only three that stand out to me. Even with that, they're kind of the same as those fetch this / kill that gig with only a slight few interesting missions to pick up on.

Bugs / Glitches
While I am grateful that the game has no crashed on me, there were a handful of bugs. When trying to fetch this cat for a little girl, the kitten was literally invisible so imagine me trying to find it for a good fifteen minutes in one area until I saw it's name pop up despite nothing was there. Once I pressed E, it suddenly appeared and ran away back to the vault. Another glitch was Dogmeat freezing after doing a kill on certain enemies, and it required me to reload my save. Some missions wouldn't start UNTIL I reloaded than tried them again, with the map not being of any help at all. There weren't too many game breaking bugs for me, but often annoying ones that made me feel grossed out really.

Companions / AI
Are the companions likable? Yea they are, especially a few (Piper, Dogmeat, one that's a spoiler). Are they interesting to talk to. Quite so, if you continue to bond with them and not get on their bad side (yes there is a karma system except it's how you do things in front of your followers). Are they useful in battle? .................. Not really.

See, most of the AI are pretty dumb. They get in your way when trying to exist a door, jump into battle despite you're sneaking around which by the way, blows your cover. Try all you want in getting someone like Piper to like or even love you but despite saving a child from a horrific disease, convincing a man not to shoot the bartender, helped countless people from being bullied by raiders, and joined good causes along with treating her with full respect- the moment I killed a small mob of drug dealers whom grew hostile after I failed to calm them down suddenly got Piper to hate my gutts and leave me. That really irked me, trying to be the good guy and doing all kinds of amazing things for society but the moment I defended myself from bad people whom I failed to keep the peace with, suddenly she bails on me. It wasn't bad enough she kept falling down on me in combat and provided no help in the slightest.

Some things are kind of cool, like being able to read comics in-game or building a fortress using a Minecraft-like system and basically being able to mod your guns / armor / items to become more useful. While these are improvements and the game does improve on a lot of mechanics (like when looking over bodies, you can see the menu of their possessions pop up and fade when you look away) along with making use of every object you pick up. Yet, the building system seems like a sudden add-on rather than planned for the game. I didn't see much use of it, apart from making the people living in Sanctuary happier but that's about it.

Is this a Good Game?
It's certainly not a bad game. Truth be told, I made a review for this earlier and felt like I didn't give it a fair chance. I tried making a fresh character, and tried so hard to play through with optimism. But in the end, it felt .. . empty. It doesn't feel like a Fallout game but rather an expansion to say Fallout 3 or New Vegas (like DLC is what i'm saying). Don't get me wrong, it isn't a bad game. It's quite fun, and certainly a game for sure but to me, it doesn't feel like $60 is worth it. Maybe when mods improve the game and the price drops.
Posted December 4, 2015. Last edited December 4, 2015.
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