Carter   Bellingham, Washington, United States
Retired Plat HL TF2 player. Add me for whatever, but I'm not a fan of trading. I play SSBM and other games mainly now.
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DeathAdder Chroma 5.6in/360 GTX 770 144hz
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Competitive TF2 History
S11 Casual Encounters in Steel as Soldier/Engineer
S12 Noble Gases in Steel as Soldier (3rd Place)
S13 All is Dust in Silver as Backup/Soldier (3rd Place)
S15 Cold World in Gold as Soldier
S16 Arstotzka in Gold as Soldier
S17 Memento Mori in Platinum as Soldier
S18 EVL Gaming in Platinum as Soldier
S19 EVL Gaming in Platinum as Soldier/Demo
S20 Memento Glory in Platinum as Soldier/Demo, Fast Forward as Backup
S21 Ok in Platinum as Demo, Old Gaming as Soldier
S22 Roadkill in Platinum as Soldier

S13-??? Kaos Krew in UGC Iron-Platinum as Pocket
S18 Escutcheons in ESEA Open as Backup Demo/Pocket
S20 Arstotzka in ESEA Open as Demo
S21 Arstotzka- in ESEA Open as All-Class Backup


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breaking dad Aug 31 @ 11:08am 
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big_pharma_hater Aug 18 @ 10:30pm 
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big_pharma_hater Aug 14 @ 6:47pm 
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Kobby Aug 14 @ 6:11pm 
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big_pharma_hater Aug 12 @ 1:30am 
we need to farm some cogs.
Cap$ize Jul 16 @ 11:15pm 
el p is in my top 5 for sure