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Age: 17 (September 11th)

Name: Brandon

Discord: CannyCanne#0774

Sexuality: Bisexual

Roleplay: Depends

Personality: "I tend to be a sensitive person sometimes. I get jealous pretty quickly and upset over it. I can become frustrated easily, and usually don't take care of my feelings the right way. Though, I do try to be the happiest I can be!"

Other things: Nothing yet 030

More Questions? Ask away!

Character Info

Cannelle von Booperstein

Age: 17

Species: Fennec Fox

Gender: Mainly Male, sometimes I play them female but mostly male, and rather feminine but can be dominant.

Occupation: In his first year of University

Appearance; He stands at 4' 2", (More of a shortstack than anything) on digitigrade legs. Other than his pure white chest and cheek tufts, he had no markings. His fur was A deep red (110,10,15 in RGB for anyone wanting specifics!) it was also rather long, fairly thick. He had a large chest tuft, and was rather scraggly yet soft, almost like a pillow! He had long hair aswell, though it was more like a mane than anything else, going down his neck and back like a messy comb-over.

Of course, two large ears sat atop his head, little ear tufts protruding from inside them. With large eyes, one of them (His right) was a deepish purple (95, 40, 210 in RGB) and the other a Cinnamon brown. Adorning his muzzle was a little black snout.

On his right thigh, there was a scar of three large clawmarks, though he usually tried to cover it. His usual attire consisted of a size-too-small t-shirt, which fit his lean, feminine form, and tight jeans that did the same. When he was feeling it, he'd wear a belly shirt, and jean shorts, the former being a little loose on him. And when he was REALLY feeling it, he'd wear black/red stockings, and arm warmers, with any assortment of rather lewd clothing, and usually a pair of panties to go with~

References: Blep! [] By Sock
Stump Sittin' [] By Waffle


Full Name: Maiga

Age: 19

Species: Clay [] Fox (W.I.P. Species of mine)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Standing at 5'9", the Fox's fur was a Blue-ish color. Though at the same time, it couldn't really be considered fur. Due to being a Clay creature, it was more like some other substance than anything (Not latez or rubber, or anything like than, but imagine it as simply impossibly smooth skin, that kind of felt like fur) . It was a solid color, and smooth. His eyes were once again a solid white, with no pupils, but there was still alot of expression in his face.

Said face was actually rather featureless; He didn't even have a mouth! Although, there were a large set of whiskers, white like his eyes, and his snout was long and pointed, though it lacked any nostrils or nose. With two large ears, they stuck out from the he cap wore. He also wore a plain hoodie much of the time, which reached about halfway down his thighs, but not much other than that.

As for his "Clay" features; It was again those whiskers, though his thighs and (Dare I say) male bits that were excentuated, though the former of the two didn't make him too feminine, and the latter were hidden most of the time! His movement was around 45% normal, a little 'slower' than most other Clay species.

When he talked, his mouth would appear, and would make different 'Animations' depending on what he was saying, his tone, mood, etc, and would loop differently. And the rest of his face (I.E. Eyes, head, ears) sometimes his body would go with it, standing in almost completely stationary positions and expressions. If he were to say jump from a smile to a frown, it would be rather abrupt but not instant, almost like a few frames being taken from his movement.

References: Showing Off [] (NSFW) By Kony Kon [] ( Disclaimer: This is NOT my artwork or my character, nor do I claim to have anything to do with it. This is simply something for you to get a general idea visually of what MY character looks like. ALL credit goes to the original Artist and their character.)


Full Name: ???

Species: A feral snake with fur

Gender: Ambiguous gender but slightly feminine personality

Occupation: Space bounty Hunter!

Appearence: Being a snake, they were nearly 7 feet in length (Or about 2 1/3 meters) and an average/medium girth. Their fur was a dark grey/black color, though the snake's underbelly fur was a pure white, and quite thick. There were spots on the bridge of their snout and just behind the eyes/on the cheeks that were a darkish purple. It also had big, light pink eyes.

The snake preferred to slither around as usual, but being a highly-trained professional, they also had a mech-like exoskeleton they could simply plop into.

References: Edited [] | Original [] By Sock
Edited [] | Original [] By Sock


Full Name: Alex "Grogs" Taube, German Descent

Age: 19

Species: Opossum/Rat

Gender: Male

Occupation: None

Likes: Hanging out in places he shouldn't be, smoking cigs, occasional drug usage (I do NOT condone this, just a character quirk), pickpocketing, light vandalism, general edginess. Oh! And Mozarella Sticks.

Dislikes: Getting caught, being alive awake, responsibilities.

Personality: As stated above, he's simply a trouble maker, not one to go through school, he simply dropped out when he could, not that he ever went anyways... Despite this, he's not necessarily a bad person, kind of just hates life. (Yes, I understand this character is edgy as shit, I don't care.)

Appearance: With a Nickname like Grogs, and a knack for being awake almost 24/7, It was an understatement to call Alex overtired, with bags under his eyes much of the time. His fur wasn't the dirtiest, but it wasn't exactly clean either, the rodent only washing every now and again. It was a fair, tannish color, with deeper brown speckles on his fur, mainly around his eyes. His Long-ish hair was the same deeper brown, kind of scraggly but kept in a kind of pseudo-mowhawk. Not long and just in the middle, or in a complete comb-over/slickback, but kind of just a mixture of the two, messy.

He was an average height, 5'1" (1.5 meters I think) but slouched when he stood, and on digitigrade legs. Because of that, he kind of just neglected to wear shoes much of the time, too fiddly with his large claws was his excuse. He wore baggy clothes, otherwise. Hoodies, old tees, barely fitting jeans (Although, they were fitting enough so his ass didn't stick out the back... he was sure as hell grateful for that.)

References: Idk a name for this [] By DrawDroid [] (As stated in Maiga's desc., this is NOT my art. I do not have any affiliation with the artist and everything belongs to them. This is just a simple thing for you to look at to get a basic Idea of what MY character looks like. I will be getting my own art in the future. And yes. I know the character isnt male. Dun care o

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