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Hi, im 15, im a guy, and I have practically no life outside of my computer.

Also the laptop I play on is a literal bedsheet. It's trash.
Not anymore, I put on my big boi trousers and got myself a PC!

I also have shit internet.

Im a forum reg for HFGL. ew

I also make steam guides from time to time.


I honestly couldnt give any less of a fuck if you're a furry or weeb. Just
dont be overly obnoctious about it.

Also, I dont give a shit about LGBTQ+ whatever the fuck it is now. Why
should I care about what gender you find attractive?

Do you rp? Great. I dont. I dont give a fuck about your personas.

Do you erp? Great. I'm totally judging you.
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There's a glimmer of hope for me, after all.
So, uh, my laptop is currently on it's death bed.
It wont load steam games, youtube, or Discord.
My best bet to try to get into gaming again is to wait till the 19th (when my internet hotspot refreshes) and use all of it's internet to install steam and singleplayer games on my new PC.
I dont see a way to be able to interact with HFGL and other things like that, unless I keep using this computer, which will just speed up the process.
So, until some miracle happens, goodbye for now...
Oof... :DSTskull:
(I might boot up my laptop once or twice until then so I can view the current cancer on HFGL or something)


It's the 19th, and I got steam working on my new PC (im typing this using said PC), and I've also downloaded almost all of my games that aren't exclusive to multiplayer and/or unplayable without internet. I don't want to be stuck in the dark again with JUST Minecraft: Wii U edition, I need to keep these brain cells, dammit.. :dswilson:
Also, my internet is slightly usable, and that means I can shitpost again! Oh happy day.

Thanks for caring, if you do.

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Fair enough.
Solheim 21 hours ago 
Happy birthday! :)
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Your internet has the large homosexual
Canis Mar 21 @ 8:42pm 
my internet's too lazy.
The Final Dance Mar 21 @ 8:03pm 
or you're to lazy.