Caleb The Faggot   Nebraska, United States
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Well, you decided to read the rest. I like some people like you. I also hate some. You get the point.

Please go away if you plan to scam me. I have gotten scammed before because I was a retard, but now I check everyone that adds me.

I am fine with trans or gay or bi or whatever the fuck you want to be called. But I will say this and say this once. THERE ARE TWO GENDERS.

I am an anti-liberal. If you are going to get triggered, leave. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

If you added me just to rant at me because I made a statement, have a nice day. I am litterally unoffendable. (is that even a word?)

I can't think of anything else. So uhh
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Magical Cunt Aug 11 @ 9:10pm 
nigga tf you doin here go back to dom's server, gaystick
Boomstick Aug 11 @ 7:56pm 
how'd i get here last thing i know i was sleeping in a box
Demonic Ice Bear Aug 9 @ 1:43pm 
I got a Gmod server im working on, and im looking for some players to be a VIP Bouncer. You know the ones in the club that say "Your not on the list". So back to the point. Im willing to pay 20$ a week. to each player that helps my server. Im working full time, im an Oil Miner.. Those guys get Crazy money. Thats why i dont care paying people.. :3
Spazter Aug 9 @ 10:06am 
Do you have nuclear retardation?
gamerkidslife Aug 9 @ 8:48am 
just a stationary time butt, weeaboos act like japanese and trully look like morons, but otokus are at least semi normal, and no its not bad to like anime, its bad to judge people for what thaey like, but its cool.
Magical Cunt Jul 20 @ 7:28pm 
ew memes nope bye