I would be totally fine with bronies if they didn't take up so much space in the fandoms. Even though I'm not in the fandom myself they're unavoidable, and more often than not, very rude and gross. 

Let me share someone else's experience with the fad, regarding Team fortress 2 and the feature to rename items.

"Fucking stupid-ass Pony item renames. I wouldn't care but they're not creative at all. You just want to push your stupid shit on other people to try to fit in. That's half the reason people watch that show is to try to be cool. I had someone this week tell me they stopped watching the show because it "stopped being popular." You guys just can't shut up about it. Every means of customization you can get your hands on you pour hot liquid Pony jizz over till its sopping wet. Seriously, decal-able things, item renames, your icon, your name, your spray, it's fucking old. Get fucking other hobbies. You don't see this shit coming from any other fandom. You should realize non-bronies find this annoying and fucking chill with it. Seeing this shit is like an eyesore. And btw, this is coming from someone who played on a Pony server for like a year and a half because the community was really friendly. I even have a couple of brony friends on my Steam friends. But after awhile I just got so fucking sick of it. Every corner of the internet is infested with your crap. You are the reason people hate bronies. Seriously all your items are are: The name of the item, preceded by a character from the show. Wow that's so clever. And you did it with EVERY ITEM in your loadout. You might as well have taken a lighter to the money you used to get those name tags. And if you used TF2 items you wasted them too. Anyway, don't kill yourself or anything, but I do kinda hate you. That's all. Bye."

My personal experience in a community was that the people with barely any power handed stuff like pony porn around, and slid in this rule which not only made this server their little fap festival, but encouraged pornography instead of the main objective.

More shit...

"Take a look at TF2 Before it was F2P there was allot of people who invested their money to play the game for fun before mods came around, then when valve kicked it up a notch and made it F2P loads of people who force fandoms came into play and saturated this community"

"now you aint the only ones doing it but i kinda see a pattern there ya know all such groups seem to not really do anything against their extremists
from muslims to feminists to bronies
just saying "i aint like that" while those parts continue to fuck the ever living shit out of life just isn´t helping"

"Why would anyone just dedicate their personality to a TV show made for immature children? Because it was a popular opinion, or a fad, and people will do anything for attention."

This team is fucking bum paste.

slam: I would shoot oyou in the dick with a shotgun
slam: ur dick would be off because oh my 4 gage shotgurb

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