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Overwatch Investigator 3 ч. назад 
sign my profile as the guy who locked all my accs. and i had the 1000th comment on your profile lol
Ass Pancakes 6 ч. назад 
Hello Burton. i'm an officer in a hub from a software called "Wallpaper engine".
I've tried to contact many about my concern. None of them responded.

I'm desperately trying to find out if we have to take on reports concerning Copyright infringement. If yes, would you mind to tell me how we find out if something is copyrighted and the users have/don't have permission to use this content?

Thanks in advance!

BurtonJ 7 ч. назад 
Realen, I don't work for Valve so not much I can do. Sorry!

Overwatch, you broke the SSA therefore all of your accounts are subject to punitive action. Actions have consequences.

niXx, sorry to hear that! Make sure you report the scammer so that they may be trade banned by Valve.

Overwatch Investigator 10 ч. назад 
stfu adopted kid nixx no one cares and i didnt really get scammed you fucking tech support faggot now go kill yourself or get ready for that customer support job you fucking spastic
✪ niXx 10 ч. назад 
I did just get scammed