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Savage Wind Hands cu 4 ore în urmă 
Does the scrap.tf Steam Desktop Authenticator really work and is it a scam?
✪ Player 22 ian. @ 9:37am 
I am on the objects of fraud in Counter-Strike - I was robbed
Worst Player | kickback.com 22 ian. @ 9:32am 
Hi could you please accept my friend request ?? i really need help about something
MilkGames 22 ian. @ 7:57am 
Not sure if you still got the power to do so, seeing as you're no longer at Valve.
Anyway, thanks for banning spammers back when you were at Valve.
Dominik 22 ian. @ 4:47am 
Why you should ban this kid can not help it that he was there for 5 years 1.6:Se7eN