Bearton Jay
Burton   Redmond, Washington, United States
Engineer @ Microsoft
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ICS 6月5日 14時44分 
Thanks for running SPUF over the years up untill the moment you left Valve. Had fun to post thousands of messages starting as early as 2005. Good luck with your future endeavours!
B33 ENN 2月11日 23時50分 
From myself and everyone on TIAM, would like to wish you all the best for the future, Burton! Great times on SPUF with you and the Steam Community team back in the day. May the road ahead be paved in Snickers!
Bearton Jay 2月7日 20時34分 
January 12th was my last day at Valve. Having spent my whole adult life at Valve, I have decided that my 30th year on this planet was a perfect time to start the next chapter of my professional life.

If you are reading my profile because you need help with Steam, I recommend asking the fine folk over at .
76561198236172620 トレード禁止中 1月28日 4時18分 
why i get ban? if i didn't use any hacks
ClassicClosure ✯ 1月27日 5時54分 
HI, I want to ask for your help because I can't post on the h1z1 just survive and Kotk discussions and I don't know why I try to post trading discussions but it won't let me nor a regular one please I need help I've been waiting soo long
Lennygrad 1月25日 10時03分 
Hello Burton,

I know you don't work for valve anymore, but what is a possiblity do deal with something like this?
This guy played against us. He openly admitted that he is cheating ( . He claimed that he won't get banned cause he has some skins. We reported him anyways, but he claimed, that he wont get into Overwatch, cause he has so many accounts which he hijacked due some glitch.
What can you do to report people like this? Will a normal Steamreport help there?
Most likely you can't help with this concern, but I thank you in advance.
Have a great day.