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V3n0m Vor 14 Stunden 
added you because i need your help.
Kaby Vor 17 Stunden 
Unfortunately your "child" will be killed soon... :(

P.S. Database Error appears so often...
~Ren~ Vor 20 Stunden 
Hi BurtonJ

We could really do with a full time moderator on the L4D2 forums, the personal attacks are out of order and totally unnecessary, multiple forum rules broken and still it continues, can you look into it please? Thanks :)
B33 ENN 11. Feb. um 23:50 Uhr 
From myself and everyone on TIAM, would like to wish you all the best for the future, Burton! Great times on SPUF with you and the Steam Community team back in the day. May the road ahead be paved in Snickers!
BurtonJ 7. Feb. um 20:34 Uhr 
January 12th was my last day at Valve. Having spent my whole adult life at Valve, I have decided that my 30th year on this planet was a perfect time to start the next chapter of my professional life.

If you are reading my profile because you need help with Steam, I recommend asking the fine folk over at http://reddit.com/r/steam .
Gigi D'Alessio|kickback.com 29. Jan. um 2:25 Uhr 
i have a problem, i try to connect with my account steam on browser chrome but dont work, pls help me