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B33 ENN 11. feb kl. 11:50pm 
From myself and everyone on TIAM, would like to wish you all the best for the future, Burton! Great times on SPUF with you and the Steam Community team back in the day. May the road ahead be paved in Snickers!
BurtonJ 7. feb kl. 8:34pm 
January 12th was my last day at Valve. Having spent my whole adult life at Valve, I have decided that my 30th year on this planet was a perfect time to start the next chapter of my professional life.

If you are reading my profile because you need help with Steam, I recommend asking the fine folk over at http://reddit.com/r/steam .
Gigi D'Alessio 29. jan kl. 2:25am 
i have a problem, i try to connect with my account steam on browser chrome but dont work, pls help me
DemonKills | BAN-COLLECTOR 28. jan kl. 6:47am 
We become picci cucci kawaii Friends? <3 (Sorry, I use google translator <3 i'm stupid)
FlawedVison 28. jan kl. 4:18am 
why i get ban? if i didn't use any hacks
━ÐayFlight━ 27. jan kl. 5:54am 
HI, I want to ask for your help because I can't post on the h1z1 just survive and Kotk discussions and I don't know why I try to post trading discussions but it won't let me nor a regular one please I need help I've been waiting soo long