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Pλssenger před 15 hodinami 
He's Steam moderator, he can't remove your VAC or Game ban. He can help you with 'forum things'.
I got a vac ban for shut před 16 hodinami 
I got banned on csgo for doing nothing, please message me and help me out
Kaby 15. led. v 11.09 dop. 
@🐈고양이귀「KOR」, Due to continued disruptive behaviour on the discussion boards, permanent bans will now be considered for any further violations you incur. Please note, users who repeatedly disregard the rules risk having their Steam Community privileges revoked.
한국어 못해요「KOR」 15. led. v 9.26 dop. 
It was a typo in the end I meant to write

Your girl Soda
한국어 못해요「KOR」 15. led. v 9.24 dop. 
Reason: "Continued inability to contribute constructively on the Steam Discussions. Further rule violations may result in your access to all Steam Discussions Boards being revoked."

Hey man you might not remember me, because last time we spoke you community banned me, but I'm in a bit of a pickle here, I have a little situation going here, you see sir, I've been banned from the Terraria (out of them all) forums and I would like to get un-banned from said steam forum, and you sir just happen to be the only valve employee I know that doesn't like me so I'm asking you to look back to the past and re-live that anger you had when you first banned me to un-ban me like a reverse attack if you will,
Thanks in advance
your boy Soda
❤kazŁ1Na❤ 15. led. v 8.34 dop. 
Dear BurtonJ, please help me