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Guaranteed CS:GO Rank. The Person Boosting Your Account Will Play Until The Desired Rank Is Reached.

The Boosting Process Usually Can Last For A Couple Of Days. If You Choose A High Rank Or Multiple Rankups At Once, The Process May Take Longer.

Silver 1 -> Gold Nova 1
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SMFC -> Global Elite
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Paypal, BTC, and Skins
| Aim Botz | --- 100 Kills Challenge Completed! ---
| Finished in: 01:03.407 with 12 bots | Tickrate: 64
| Kills per Minute (Avg): 94.62 | (Highest): 113.85
| Kills per Second (Avg): 1.57 | Shots per Kill: 2.4
| Primary: AK-47 | Secondary: USP-S | Armor: K+H

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Watermelon Aug 6 @ 9:02am 
If you had
One shot
Or one opportunity
To seize a small boy in your enclosure
In one moment
Would you capture him
Or just let him slip?
His palms are sweaty, life's bleak, child is heavy
There's a sniper aimed at him already, mom's upsetti
park service, they're nervous but look calm and ready
To embalm, but they keep on regrettin'
What they shot down, the internet grows so loud
They open their mouth, but the memes won’t stop now
provokin', how, everybody's revoltin' now
Dicks are out, Harambe's down, over, blaow!
Do I know you... jk
1-800-273-8255 ve_0 Aug 1 @ 12:15pm 
1-800-273-8255 ve_0 Jul 21 @ 8:58pm 
tactile Jul 14 @ 11:24pm 
lem btw
tactile Jul 14 @ 11:23pm 
interested about ur cs team