Dr. John Zoidberg
Michael   Austin, Texas, United States
Follow the white rabbit.
Down the hole; in the dark.
Tremble if you dare for it is a costly habit.
Tremor not your hands- your breath keep silent.
Tis you who chose to follow the pale cottontail.
He leaves you only a bitter chill as he fades to nothing.
For shadow and darkness now work in tandem.
The rodent bluffs!
He has only led you deeper into twisted worlds.
His game is now your demise; his play your terror.
Wish you not for childish comforts These trivial things lie just beyond the looking glass.

The ripe flowers will lie.
The gentle pupa will betray you.
Take not the words of those who dwell within the golden rays of Sol.
They are the subjects of the queen- userper and tyrant crowned in blood.
Your only friend is the grinning teeth of the moon. Gone.

You are warned.

Follow not the white rabbit.
His pale nature is bedfellows with the crimson Heart.


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