aNgRy #14
Cevo P Digital Revolution
Cevo P Phenom
Cevo P Placement tourny : Panic rejects !
Cevo PT S10 Legacy!
ESEA Main Legacy! Was up for vote for esea invite
Cevo P TF2 Kculture USA
Cevo M eX
Cevo National Dodobirds
Cevo M season 11 Dodobirds
Cevo P season 11 TF2 Nerd Raged Truckers
Cevo M 1.6 Season 13 Cataclysm
ESEA M Genius Moment
Cal M- Mythlogic then removed for no reason lol
Cevo P Genius Moment
Cevo M Season Elephant Canon
Cevo M Season 13 Panic rejects !
Cevo M Phenom
Cevo M Phenom
Cevo Main Legacy!
ESEA O Mobility Gaming
ESEA open : Stoop kids / roflerz
Cevo P Placement tourny : Panic rejects !
Grt : listen you, i was on tv for this game, who the fuck are you
51 Dot : look at aNgRy there is a smoke there, dont kid yourself
Executioner : Wall more
devour : Im actually someone if you havent noticed, its cool that you cheat to try to get on my level though

sublimeskunk420 : fucking aNgRy fuckin prefire pro

aNgRy #14: whos this
aNgRy #14: ?
Deathraider: LOL
Deathraider: idk think i scrimd you earlier bt like are you the fcukn kierra ahhaha
Deathraider: like THE

punish : Pre fire more
: Player punish left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Da Bears : I know you are jealous that were famous but that doesnt give you a reason to cheat aNgRy

A1-#Dub'dOut: you know brennin?
mot!oN .cL!ck: brennin?
A1- #Dub'dOut: angrys real name
- A1- #Dub'dOut: hes in tr...frag talks about him like hes a god
- A1- #Dub'dOut: ive seen some of his old demos tho
- A1- #Dub'dOut: hes pretty amazing
- mot!oN .cL!ck: i know
- mot!oN .cL!ck: i scrim with him all the time
- mot!oN .cL!ck: i only kno him as aNgRy thoe
- A1 #Dub'dOut: his lil buttbuddy
- A1-#Dub'dOut: whats his name
- mot!oN .cL!ck: JeFf
- A1#Dub'dOut: ya
- A1#Dub'dOut: i like brennin
- A1#Dub'dOut: jeff is a cunt
- A1-#Dub'dOut: who isnt nearly as good
- mot!oN .cL!ck: lol
- A1-#Dub'dOut: but played cevo p with him
- A1#Dub'dOut: for both css and tf2

devastation > ehplus: they r gonna rq
devastation > ehplus: gg :(
devastation > ehplus: <3 u tho
devastation > ehplus: angry is nuts.
devastation > ehplus is now playing Counter-Strike: Source. Click here to join.
Kurisu-EPC: lol

[Lucky]Blonde♥♥♡♡: =D
[Lucky]Blonde♥♥♡♡: so i was in Lowes yesterday
[Lucky]Blonde♥♥♡♡: and I saw a guy like you
[Lucky]Blonde♥♥♡♡: I was like..OMG
[Lucky]Blonde♥♥♡♡: that looked like u
[Lucky]Blonde♥♥♡♡: i was like..
[Lucky]Blonde♥♥♡♡: man
[Lucky]Blonde♥♥♡♡: i gotta get that guy's number :P

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