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"i promote bred for most handsome mumble goer" - Prawn
Living version of me as conch solly []
00:20 - nicco the salty fish:
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09:22 - Krewetki: reading your quote wall just made me remember so much shit
09:22 - Krewetki: long live the wall

LavandulaWine: You and your airshots

20:40 - Amygdala: your assemblence of pictures of dogs with bread around their face is truly amazing

12:32 - bink: bred stop with these fucking pictures
12:32 - bink: rofl
12:33 - bink: where do u find so many dog + bread photos
12:33 - bink: IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE

"Do you go around with toast in your hand? I imagine you going around with a piece of toast, and putting it on animals." - MJON

"I'm sorry but where the hell do you get your profile pictures" - Cactus

16:53 - Freddy FaZeBeaR: your pic
16:53 - Freddy FaZeBeaR: has offended
16:53 - Freddy FaZeBeaR: my dog
16:53 - Freddy FaZeBeaR: its k im mlg

21:25 - [ENG] JHOLLAND33 | OverDrill: really
21:25 - [ENG] JHOLLAND33 | OverDrill: REALLY
21:26 - BreD: ?
21:26 - BreD: :)
21:26 - [ENG] JHOLLAND33 | OverDrill: STOP

07:17 - drezzo95: nice pic bro
07:17 - drezzo95: really glad
07:17 - drezzo95: you are black to your roots
07:17 - drezzo95: the old bred
07:17 - drezzo95: we all know and love
07:17 - drezzo95: ok

16:01 - SH3RW00D: i saw ur profile picture
16:01 - SH3RW00D: and i thought it was the earth on fire
16:02 - SH3RW00D: but then i clicked it and it turned out to be a dog with bread
16:09 - BreD:
16:09 - BreD: Wtf Sherwood...

17:43 - Sherwood: fuck bred
17:43 - Sherwood: he don't know nothing about comfort
17:44 - bink.: He's so casual
17:44 - bink.: I bet he wears a suit when he mges
They were not wrong...

15:20 < Sherwood> the shit you pull off bred
15:20 < BreD> ?
15:20 < Sherwood> you do alot of dumb shit

That moment when you wonder if nicco is actually a stalker:
23:19 - nicco the dank fish: you are like the leader of our lan group
23:20 - nicco the dank fish: we are all going to lan just because of you
23:20 - nicco the dank fish: :3
23:20 - nicco the dank fish: you are the main attraction?
23:21 - nicco the dank fish: your like a panda bear, everyone wants to cuddle you

19:45 - Reisbauer: im like a single mom that didnt get fucked for years

18:20 - "Sunrise land?" nihon (Japan): come to southampton pls
18:20 - "Sunrise land?" nihon (Japan): otherwise my mum will think im a loner.

18:23 - [ENG] JHOLLAND33: mad or salty just doesnt cut it anymore
18:23 - [ENG] JHOLLAND33: if you were a woman you'd be a megabitch

21:19 - Reisbauer: im gonna carry this team over to mid
21:19 - Reisbauer: and then to high

20:14 - Xlotl #QuakeHype LFT Silver Pyro: your profile picture is lacking in the Bread department
20:14 - Xlotl #QuakeHype LFT Silver Pyro: I don't like bread shaming dogs but this one overstepped the mark

13:57 - Verlak (Sam): I'm thinking of writing you a fanfiction
13:57 - BreD: oh god
13:57 - BreD: please no
13:57 - Verlak (Sam): see, you secretly want it
13:57 - Verlak (Sam): i've come up with some titles
13:58 - Verlak (Sam): BreD - Pain au Chocolat
13:58 - Verlak (Sam): BreD - Loaves of Love
13:58 - Verlak (Sam): BreD - Baguetting the past
13:58 - Verlak (Sam): BreD - The Ultimate Flan
13:58 - Verlak (Sam): Bred - Taking the Cake
13:59 - Verlak (Sam): Bred and Holland the Pastry White Kid
13:59 - Verlak (Sam): BreD - Donut leave without me
13:59 - Verlak (Sam): and BreDy for Anything
14:04 - Prawn: 50 Shades Of Grain

HussienPotato: I think I damaged my pc lol
BreD: How?!?!
HussienPotato. : I hitted it and it maked creepy voice

14:40 - tiia! :D: Your whole profile consists of quotes and mine is the worst, only because you spend your money on virtual pink hats and bread rather than on a good headset

BreD LFP Hl Med has changed their name to a BreD without butter.
22:29 - sherwood: im 95% fat, i'll be your butter

"BreD is that dat fat kid in the wheelchair who always gets picked last in gym class" - Dolly

"I just tried to airshot a fly..." - BinK

"oh pliz you land 100% of your airshot" - LavandulaWine

"I have never seen a guy work as hard as you. You are like a 40 year old man tryharding for an early retirement" - BinK

"I see you're quite obsessed with bread-dogs xD" - Fake strife

"You aint gonna get any gals with that shit" - RatedSlayer

"BreD looks exactly like his mum. He even has the boobs" - Xlotl

"If he's not gonna jump me i'm just gonna rape him... Don't quote that BreD" - Tiia

"You know the black guy dancing in this? That's my medic movement" - Slasher

"Whats that town you live in called again? Isn't it Chavville or something?" - MJON

"When people don't talk in mumble I pretend they are sleeping on their desk" - Reisbauer

"Newton's 4th law: One can only win an MGE by shooting rockets." - Kraken

"You know, check it, and then.... fuck a blender" - JHOLLAND33

"Crazy I'm going to bang you at lan" - Nicco

"this BreD guy 100% lands his shots 0_o" - cute ◕‿‿◕

"get ur in-house tech to hack your mainframe, take out the router and bring it back online" - BreD

"Don't talk to me, talk to the airhorn *plays airhorn*" - Kev

"Dungeons and dragons... that sounds like some sort of wierd fetish" - Tiia

"I legit have three minecraft accounts" - Pew

"bred OP plz nerve" - Captain Cube

"Denmark is like nazi germany without Hitler" - Verlak

"I restarted my computer last night, that's why I cant aim" - BinK

"sometimes i imagine you were a dog" - nyyco

"Words coming out of the mouth are from the heart. Typing is words from your fingers. Your finger dont have feelings, just like BreD... except not toasted." - RatedSlayer

"It wasn't me, it was my hand!" - BinK

"You will all be pissing blood after one of my threesomes" - Prawn

"ive been playing open season for aslong as my brain damage has started" - Crazy3k

"Did you know if you actually cook noodles they taste a lot better and they're easier to eat?" - Tiia

"600 second ping 0_0, that's 10 hours" - Pew

"Bred the fucking rich" - Kostixx ;)
Literally about a year later:
Kostixx LFT : bred
Kostixx LFT : still rich dude

"I remember Pingu, he always fucked people." - Tiia

"Don't worry, the HTML police have arrived" - Sherwood

"Solid State Drives are magnetic storage devices right?" - Kraken

"whoa... i just figured out... there is a skeleton inside of you all... like controlling you" - Sherwood

"Sherwood thinks he is good... but he is actually... like... prem." - Dolly

"Have you just got me killed BreD? BreD YOU CUNT!" - Prawn

"is your name breford btw?" - Save

"i aitn got the brains of a slipper!" - Savagesheep

"They are always on the clit" - Tiia refering to cliff

"BreD... do you lockup children in your basement?" - Kev

"so what i have deducted from watching the stream for about 1 hour is that bink can go die and everyone else is a lad" - Blazesquadblue

"I beat Ogg in a meme battle, but now he's going to beat me because he's a 4k" - BinK

"If Sherwood makes a video about this, I am going to go upstairs and shit on the side of the toilet" - Dolly

"You know how they don't let paralympians compete with normal athletes because the paralympians have the blades and stuff? What if they stop letting autistic people into lans because their reactions are faster" - BinK

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