You can't spell smooth without Moo.
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Ma3la is a hunk
Italian Chef

1:46 PM - bitchbrandon137: you're a bitch
1:46 PM - Muu: says bitch
1:46 PM - Muu: <3

bitchbrandon137 : i'm not brandon
bitchbrandon137 : that's my last name
bitchbrandon137 : my first name is bitch
awebb : ok bitch
bitchbrandon137 : I'm triggered


9:24 PM - Boomy: I call my asshole the holocaust

11:34 PM - Moo:
11:34 PM - Moo: praise me later
11:35 PM - Ribbonsock Rumo: christ

11:56 PM - Boom: Killing myself, i'm done
11:56 PM - Moo: Finishing it with a boom ey?
11:57 PM - Boom: "boom"
11:57 PM - Boom: This guy is trying to cum in my ass
11:57 PM - Boom: Da fuk

Cheese: What's your cup size?
Lagio: I'm sorry I don't play baseball

1:42 PM - I'm your Dingleberry: Ever since they got my boy Harambe, I only game without any pants
1:42 PM - I'm your Dingleberry: My dick is always out for my boy
1:52 PM - h4rambe: I feel ya

2:56 PM - Its just a theory, A GAY THEORY: can i suck your udders
2:56 PM - Moo: i don't think that's possible
2:56 PM - Moo: but that's just a theory
2:56 PM - Moo: A GAY THEORY

Moo has changed their name to "Moo kisses girls".

1:20 PM - Biohazard: wow

1:18 PM - ☁Darknessholder☁: Lies
1:18 PM - ☁Darknessholder☁: LIes
1:18 PM - "Moo kisses girls": i kiss my mom
1:18 PM - ☁Darknessholder☁: and who else
1:18 PM - ☁Darknessholder☁: YOURSELF
1:18 PM - "Moo kisses girls": yes
1:19 PM - "Moo kisses girls": ;))))))))
1:18 PM - ☁Darknessholder☁: CAUSE U ARE A GIRL
1:19 PM - ☁Darknessholder☁: GET IT


12:43 AM - Dizzy Ditzy: oh yeah praise memes my dud fam shit

Moo: If we're scrimming Lol Box I should play demo.
Lagio: Moo, you're good at demo.

9:18 PM - lagio: its chill in the hood fam XDDDDD
9:18 PM - Moo: off the team

Snek: Moo is the top damaging roamer in iron
Snek: Moo is the best soldier

Moo: Snek,I'm going to tell all my friends I have an online girlfriend
Snek: That's not me

Ben: My ego is as big as Brandon's brain.
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~That's Goin' on the Profile!
snek: black people are white

Dr Goldhead : this is an incredibly low level casual game
Moo : yeah, you're playing in it

Snek: Do you want a free strange rocket launcher?
Moo: Sure
Snek: How much will you pay me?

T-Rekt: Well sorry you're a good demo

Cheese: I hit the quickscopes like I hit the dab.

Gyarra: Your laugh is so kawaii

4:13 PM - I can't find schrödinger's cat: Moo
4:13 PM - I can't find schrödinger's cat: Want a free item?
4:13 PM - Moo: sure
4:13 PM - I can't find schrödinger's cat: how much will you pay me

Sunday, October 23, 2016
10:11 AM - zombiekiller2010: hey
10:11 AM - zombiekiller2010: wanna do a colab
10:11 AM - creeperplays2009: colab?????
10:11 AM - zombiekiller2010: ye
10:11 AM - creeperplays2009: lets fuckin do it
10:11 AM - zombiekiller2010: alright
10:11 AM - creeperplays2009: bottle flipping challenge?
10:11 AM - zombiekiller2010: come over to my house
10:11 AM - zombiekiller2010: ye
10:11 AM - zombiekiller2010: ill get the water bottles
10:11 AM - creeperplays2009: kk
10:12 AM - creeperplays2009: gimme ur address
10:12 AM - zombiekiller2010: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500
10:12 AM - creeperplays2009: oh shit
10:12 AM - creeperplays2009: waddup

Gyarra: Well, Brandon's my waifu Wednesday.

*DEAD* FollowingLeader : random crits are why I cut

6:58 PM - soup! has changed their name to Real Moo.
6:58 PM - Real Moo: ha
6:59 PM - Moo: Oh shit

Moo: Mae, you're so fat!
Mae: But, I'm on a diet

Cheese: moo, you're a really big dick, but you have a small one

Moo: You look like an ez bake oven
Snek: So I'm a Jew?

Snek: Moo, can you play later?
Moo: No
Snek: Can you play today?
Moo: No

Ben: So who's your waifu?
Moo: Tsubasa
Ben: So the Asian one?

Moo: mge me
Cheese: i don't want to be destroyed by moolr

Ben: if i was going to commit suicide i'd jump off of brandons ego

Snek: Brandon is mine
Ben: Brandon, are you cheating on me?
Brandon: Why would I cheat? I have the math answers.

altright=racist - Yesterday at 8:08 PM
steel hl scrim right now we have server pls <----------
we'll fight a sixes team for all we care

Apathy: i gotta take a shower or my dad's gonna get mad
Moo: you're gonna take a shower with your dad?

Moo: So how was the shower with your dad?
Apathy: I raped him

Apathy: Moo's a fucking lolicon

Snek: Moo only hits airshots because he calculates the angle before he shoots them.

3:58 PM - Piasu: Moo?
3:59 PM - Piasu: impersonating a woman now?
4:00 PM - Eloise | ≧◡≦: Ye fam
4:00 PM - Eloise | ≧◡≦: I love going into pubs
4:00 PM - Eloise | ≧◡≦: Getting some man pussy

Gettin' Some Man Pussy []

Ben: But it didn't work last time, it just showed a bunch of naked pictures.

Simon: I chased him, like I chase for the booty

Cheese: Your scout aim is somewhat decent now.

Simon: SUCK ME


Moo (Score:20) defeats deathless (Score:15) in duel to 20 on Badlands Middle

Snek: Moo, you're a good scout.

10:30 PM - lagio: i want a gf
10:30 PM - lagio: we don't always get what we want
10:30 PM - Moo: haha
10:30 PM - Moo: said bf wrong

9:19 PM - Pepper: searching
9:19 PM - katzu *girl gamer*: for a lover?
9:19 PM - Pepper: no
9:19 PM - Pepper: already got you
9:19 PM - Pepper: ;)

Brandon: Ben, what are you doing this week?
Ben: You


Ben: Black men though, not women

Cheese: When I'm near you, I question my sexuality.

Best Christmas Present Ever []

Pluto : medusa makes me rock hard

Moo: hey it's wida!
Moo: you're gay
Wida ☭: i could still suck more dicks than you

Gyarra: I'm not gonna let him take my Intel, core processor

★Aids : hey moo are you a girl or a male furry

Apathy: There are no words to describe how angry I am so I'm going to say it in Chinese, YOU FUCKING NIGGER

3:08 PM - sigfig: You'd be the type of person to suck dick for bus money and then walk home.

Ben: How's if feel like to be bad?
Moo: I don't know, you'd have to ask yourself.

Silver: I'm gonna go take a shit.
1 Minute Later......
Silver: Nevermind my dad is in the bathroom.
Ma3: Join him dude.

feces : moo
feces : you're like andy from the office
paddie : that's code for annoying

Apathy: If a girl asks to draw on you, you get the fucking pussy.

Moo: I just got fragged by a medic am I bad?
Owib: Yes
Moo: It was a rhetorical question.

7:27 PM - Captain Jack Sparrow: go fuck ladys gaylord

stop jerking to anime girls!!1! (Score:20) defeats soccorsteve1956 (Score:14) in duel to 20 on Badlands spire

Apathy: How do zip codes work in Canada
Ma3: I use Winrar

Apathy: I came a little
SIlver: What the fuck, why do I come in at the worst times.

We are brave to the heart : i thought this was a bdsm session with how much we embarassed you

Owib: Why don't they just call it Waifu Beater's?

Ben: So Brandon, someone at school shipped me with Tina, but you know I'm only into those 2D girls.

3:59 PM - Boka lfp s22: 2 negatives is a positive
3:59 PM - Boka lfp s22: 2 dicks is good

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