Lucas   Argentina

FalleN : pasha
pashaBiceps : ;
FalleN : ur movement is so bad that is good
pashaBiceps : ahahha
pashaBiceps : why
FalleN : have to see on my screen
FalleN : whahah
pashaBiceps : uahhaha
Snax : u know its like a drunk master
pashaBiceps : learn from neo ;/
Snax : :d
NEO : haha
FalleN : no way
FalleN : its PASHA specific
pashaBiceps : 7 years already but not help ;/
FalleN : ahhahaha
FalleN : u did help him at the gym
pashaBiceps : ;d
FalleN : lets FIGHT dont press f2
Snax : they stole my coke
byali : we are waiting for admins
FalleN : HAH
TaZ : no drinks MAN
Snax : im getting dry
Snax : soon like mummy
TaZ : dry is not cool.
TACO : sup admins bring a coke to snax and go plz
FalleN : W.O
byali : we asked admins 10mins ago to bring drinks
TaZ : they drink everything :/
Snax : yea its problem like 10 minutes
Snax : for take coke frome fridge
TACO : was it cold at least?
Snax : not that much
TACO : fak
Snax : but its okey
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