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Trading / MiddleManing Details!

My rules for middlemaning

1. As the middleman, you must not pay me but donations are accepted.
2. You must specify what the trade is about when you middleman.
3.I will not help anyone scam as the middleman, not even for a bribe.
My rules for trading:

1. I will not go first on cash payments, steam code payments (I know they are commonly used as scam methods but I have some lying around sometimes lol). I may go first but only under specific terms if you are a reputable member of the community.
2. I know most scam methods, it's pointless!
3. If I want to buy your skins, or you want to sell your skins to mine, I will probably look for deals around 85-90% off of steam market price.

Payment methods I accept/give

4.Steam Cards (occasionally)


How do I know you won't just take my skins and run off?

What's the point? I'd just get trade banned for scamming and than loose all my efforts at stealing your deals. I also have many people who can vouch my service if your'e afraid I'll run off, but don't worry I'm friendly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Can I add you to play cs?

Comment your rank, and that you wanna play and I might add you. I have multiple invites from youtube and stuff so idk where your'e coming from.

I heard your'e a Youtuber is that true?

Hell yeah. You should have seen the link throughout here. Currently have 1500 wonderful people subscribed.

Can I scam you?

You can try bish.

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Will i come on youtube?
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Give me your f*** tradlink to send you the ak redline :p
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Go trade for deagle ?
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+rep good motherfucker
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