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-Promised to not release microtransactions
-Release microtransactions on first day of crimefest

GG Overkill
Posted October 15, 2015. Last edited October 15, 2015.
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I love this game, There is no doubt in that. Random levels with random items every run stops the game from becoming stale, However It is relatively short but with 4 diffuculty levels you should be occupied for a good amount of time. The game has a option to not have a run end when you die but I didnt play that.

I loved unlocking classes and hats (Definately not from playing tf2) but some classes feel a little underwhelming to me. The default class (Adventure) is, and this quote comes right from the game "Boring unexciting default hero without any advantage or disadvantage. Yawn." Dont think that needs any explanation. The barbarian is a beefed up version that moves slower has higher strength but refuses to wear armors. Pirate has peg legs for stronger kicks and stomp attacks, Also loves rum and has a parrot that attacks enemies. Assassin is nimble but low health, also a double jump. I have not played the warlock or battlemage yet.

Like binding of issac items play a big part in the game. There are quite a few but not enough that it becomes overwhelming. Chest armor, Belts and boots. Theres spells your character can use that cost mana. Throwing weapons are available, Familiars and modifiers that buff stats and such. Potions for buffs and scrolls.

And whats a game without monsters? They give you plenty in this one to slash and throw all over the map. I personally think there is a decent amount of them between bosses, Regular mobs, Giants and special enemies.

Soundtrack and general sounds were good.

If this was a scale I would put the game at a 8/10. I loved playing the game by myself but Im really looking foreward to co op. (And hopefully updates for more content.)
Posted October 3, 2015.
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One sunny day you're chillin out with your Russian comrades. You know vodka and bears and stuff. You hear a faint sound in the distance but cant exactly tell what it is. All of a sudden a man with a eyepatch and a dog holding a knife come out of nowhere and start gunning down your buddies. You take cover and then you remember what you heared, A helicopter comes out from the mountains and starts firing on you. "WERE THE KIDS OF AMERICA!" you hear over the sound of gunshots and people dying around you. You get hit and you're laying on the ground bleeding out. As you take your last breath and it starts becoming dark "EVERYBODY LIVE FOR THE MUSIC GO ROUND!"

I love you Kojima.
Posted September 2, 2015.
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Playing this game not only made me sad, It made me commit suicide.

Im writing this from the afterlife.


Also, Five guys burgers and fries.
Posted September 19, 2014.
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I was banned from a server because my soldier hat was worth less then the admins backpack.

Posted March 2, 2013. Last edited July 4, 2014.
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Hours of fun and excitement.
Posted July 20, 2012.
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***I don't have much time on the PC version, But combined with the xbox I have well over 100.***

I bought Blood Money back in 2007 when I seen it on a shelf at EB games when they still existed for 10 dollars. I knew basically nothing except from what I had seen on a G4 episode of X-Play. I came home, popped it in my white xbox 360, and spent the next few weeks playing this game.

Tons of weapons from pistols and rifles to knives and fiber wire, Multiple ways to complete each mission, Great stealth system, All around amazing game.

There are 4 difficulty levels that all scale very well. Each difficulty level brings in less help from the agency you work for and more ways to get caught and screw you over in the long run. It's punishing but it does it in a great way.

Since you get to play out each mission like you want to, It can lead to great satisfaction when you find new ways to eliminate your target and walk out like nothing happened. From setting it up as a "Incident" to blatently shooting them in the face you can feel like a true assassin to a petty criminal.

I don't want to say anything about the story since spoiling anything is never fun.

There are minor bugs and glitches with AI and the game enviroment but I have never come across anything game breaking.

All in all It's a great game. I recomend picking this game up whenever you have the money to enjoy this cult hit.
Posted June 18, 2012. Last edited July 4, 2014.
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