1 Whole Year of Let Down
Waffle_sandals but kool   Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I now rarely accept friend requests as I wish to keep friends to 100, If you wish add me please leave a comment below as to why.
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MVM Hall of Fame
- Highest Damage: 340,591
Empire Escalation - 24/08/2017
Eksdi [HAX] + BlueOwl [HAX]
Demo/Heavy + Medic

The Autumn leaves GIF is the work of Pat
The 4 Medic SFM was done by DuckDog
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Raging Panther|YT
- I initially bought a phosphorous big country off him for 35 keys (unpriced at the time). I offered a 40 key mixed offer, whihc he accepted.
- After the trade he deletes me for whatever reason, fine by me
- 5 Months later re-adds me claiming I scammed him becuase the items I traded him lost value...
- Was verbally abusive and demanded I pay him 5 keys. What an idiot.
- He sounds like he is a twelvie lmao

- Classic case of spoilt child who always gets what they want.
- Adds me randomly to buy a taunt which I never listed for sale
- Gives a terrible offer of a few genuines for my taunt.
- I politely decline and advise him to look elsewhere.
- He then proceeds to flip out and act extremely childish in what can only be described as a temper tantrum.
- He clearly can't take no as an answer. Raw Chat Log [pastebin.com]

Mann Vs Machine:

ツHeals, Feels, Drug Dealsツ
- If you are ever in a game with this cunt please kick him immediately. He isn't a team player, expects you to carry his lazy 8 tour ass. whilst he does fuck all, and is an all around malignent tumour to the already toxic cancerfest that is MVM.

Grinding 24/7
- Mini Sentry is his first upgrade on Wave 1 of Empire Escalation.
- Refuses to swap off Engineer to an easier class, like Heavy.
- Still refuses to swap after having failed us the wave because he let the giant scouts through.
- As per usual, finally swaps after we threaten to votekick him off
- Proceeds to whine about his demotion to fat man, tells us he has 200 tours on his main account, as well as being a UGC Platinum Engineer
(Yeah... He failed to stand infront of the giant scouts too as heavy, he has 36 hours in game and the most points he has gotten in one round is *drumroll* 13!!!) Looking really good there buddy!
- On Wave 3 we were discussing whether or not we should let this Special Child finish his "201st" tour. Actual Quotes From in Game [pastebin.com]
- Unsurprisingly, he was voted off, but before he left, he left us with this little gem
Grinding 24/7 : fuk u blueowl u suk
Grinding 24/7 : go gay urself
- I'm going to use "go gay urself" everywhere now

fishermatt3552 [Bush Captain]
- We got really bored mid game and started to spam the laugh taunt at him.
- It was because of his shitty upgrades.
- He took it as a sign that we were laughing at his lack of unusuals INSECURE :)
- He got Severely Triggered
- Post Game Lobby Chat Log [pastebin.com]

[MNI] The Master Baiter (EmaqED)
- Where to begin... Well, he is some twelvie who thinks he is a the best at MvM
- Utter garbage sentry and dispenser placement letting many robots to get behind us.
- Refuses to listen to advice on where to put his gear.
- Manages to survive 3 kicking attempts due to the rest of the team being dumb too.
- Heavily fed the Giant Black Box Soldiers.
"Don't worry I'll delete the rockets with my Short Circuit"
- He then proceeds to spam Mouse 1 (The function that doesn't delete projectiles).

-\/G- 🔯Umbrella Corporations
- Two things I hate most in MVM, Rude Noobs and Arrogant Liars, this kid fits the bill pretty well.
- His first choice of class was Pyro, followed by and I kid you not, Spy. (On Wave of Empire)
- We forced him to play scout after he refused to play heavy, came out with all with all his upgrades in his scattergun.
- He then proceeds to miss a combined total of 278 dollars for Waves 1-5 on Empire Escalation
(Not Big Surprise)
- Come Wave 6, he has the audacity to say he actually has 102 tours and that he is on 2
tours because he deleted his badge at 100
- Wonders why I was tempted to kick him on the Last Wave. :bbtcat
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Heyyyy I just saw ur pic in game and I thought wow that is a pretty girl so I thought i'd add you, no biggie tho I add a lot of people not trying to say ur special but u r pretty so that is nice for you hehe cx maybe we could play games together sometime I hear h1z1 is zombie game I know it's scary but I be there to protect you don't worry hehe I'm big and strong (I bench 200lbs just sayin and I have a 6pack not bragging just sayin mb u like it) I go to the gym 5 times a week but gosh leg day is hard right I'm sure you know all about gym because of that booty u have u must squat. lets be gym buddies and then maybe more? haha just joking that's too forward I'm not that kind of guy anyway hit me up lol xx my skype is: bigdicklarryxx69420xx. ignore funny name my cousin made it when I was 10 haha bye xx
num nums ♡ Sep 28 @ 6:20pm 
who is this?
num nums ♡ Sep 28 @ 6:20pm