RedLy~ ❥
Harel (In short RL)   Israel
{ Leave a comment why you want to add me. !} - I'm a Mapper and SFM-maker.
Tools / Software I use
Adobe Photoshop cs6, ⚙Blender⚙, 🎥Source Filmmaker🎥, 🔨Hammer🔨 Fuse Source SDK
When not to disturb
you know... Do not disturb me when you see I running the tools & the software.
Can I add you?
yap, you may add me, just comment why and You're done, with justifiable reason. DO NOT ADD ME IF YOU WANT TO: Open Discussions, drive me Crazy, send me Screenshot from your Inventory, Bans, Reports, troll, joke and, in brief you Removed! AND not invite me to Groups.
Profile Stats

🌐Online🌐 - Free, feel free to do anything.
👤Offline👤 - Even more will feel free :3
🔒Busy🔒 - Playing in PS4 or I'm using the Tools & Software.
🚶Away🏃 - N/A
💤Snooze💤 - zzz
🔄Looking for Trade🔄 - let me found what I need to found!
💳Looking for Game💳 - $100.00
Where are you from?🌎
- Tel-Aviv, Israel.
When your Birthday?🎈
December, 20.12
What are your favorite games?🎮
Team Fortress 2, VRChat, Outlast, Outlast 2, Garry's mod, Half-Life 2, Slender: The Eight Pages & Slender: The Arrival
(Outlast, Outlast 2, Slender: The Eight Pages, Slender: The Arrival its nosTEAM [] games)
Do you have any favorite groups?
yes, I have Favorite groups.
Here's the list:
Glubbable's Servers
Saxton Hell
Team Fortress 2 Mappers
Fire Friendly -[FF]-
Team Fortress 2 Competitive Beta

Why did you Removed me?
If you've read Question #1(Paragraph #4), you can know. And another reason, I removed Steam users from lack of activity in their accounts. And the third reason is: ineffective friends & Low level, I mean Level 10. Because you know, I do not care about low levels. Maybe when you're level 10 you can add me, Again!
Don't worry guys I know you. :balloonicorn:
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Glubbable's Servers - Public Group
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ϺΞΤЯΘΉλϺ Mar 19 @ 8:31am 
nice comment :0
MagicCrazyMagician Mar 16 @ 6:51pm 
Haha, I haven't been playing games on Steam so I'm slowly disappearing into the shadows. Though I'm always here. xD
Logan Mar 16 @ 11:20am 
And in English?
Nobby Bapkin Mar 10 @ 4:09am 
=rep i dont know you either
GreenyBon Mar 3 @ 3:03am 
I like to add people cause i like to make new friends and talk with them
Karma Hunter | YWRKS Feb 28 @ 5:30am 
I add you because i wan't 1v1 with you.