Callum   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Hello there! My name is Callum and I am just your ordinary PC gamer and a fellow admin on the servers of Garry's Mod. If you really want to know more about the boring person I am then here ya go.

What are my PC specs?
I generally never really say much on it but my PC specs are:
CPU-I7 4820K quad core 3.7ghz
RAM- 16 gb of corsair vengeance
GPU- sapphire nitro+ radeon rx 470
Headphones- steelseries Siberia 200
Mouse- corsair katar

What games do I play?
I mostly play Garry's MOD as I am an administrator on the servers. But from time to time, I play other games such as PUBG, CSGO,call of duty and Minecraft.

Any facts?
Favorite game? - super monkey ball deluxe

Best steam friends-
Detective Mcmuffin- loli weeb
Dan, basic narrator of warzone - the voice that can make anyone follow his orders.
Cute gwiffin - overwatch fanatic
Le dude - the master of memes
Unlikesushi - Donald Trump wannabe

Comments on my fellow members on

Muffin - shaaaaa :P
Dan - keep being the surf god
Griffin - stop hacking xD
Le dude - please get me good at osu one day pls? You are a god at it :3
Bloody - please have mercy on me when I join you on surf DM. :c
Viledas - keep TTT safe for me ;)
Gornot - radio is a great way for me to access good music. And your fantastic metal taste.
Zero - 100% thank you for making the server a thing. We wouldn't be here without you.
Archilles- keep the banhammer at bay
Embers- you should play more stronghold :P
Bunney- keep destroying noobs on stronghold
Faze - keep being the awesome guy you are
Screamo - keep being awesome and jeep the banter going
Alfred - you are a cool guy to speak to as well as everyone else :)
Puk- I'm a little scared of you D:
Archangel- thanks for helping me do work on the server.
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i just want to say ur profile pic made me cry i want to see more my hero academia fans:steamhappy:
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Still going strong with those Karma bans!
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sexy af
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u ugly admin he aimed at us and i killed him why i got a perm ban are u fcking retarded!??!!