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Hoarder led them deeper into the depths of Mount Zog. One tunnel after the other expanding further than the next. Despite little to no light, Damas wasn’t quite sure how anyone could find their way without memorizing the correct passages. Adam claimed ogres rely more on smell than sight. Meaning they’ve must have left behind a distinct scent such as urine or feces.

Damus shot him a look which could only be deciphered as “Why do you know all of this?”

Adam of course retaliated by giving him a “Shouldn't you know” face.

Malice giggled lightly at them with a toothy smile spreading from ear to ear. His reaction made Damus wondered if he did in fact, go about dealing with the ogres wrongfully in the past; bias single-handedly based on appearances. Maybe they weren’t much different. Just like humans, there can always be a rotten one in the pile. And yet its filth can spread to the next by association alone. The very same reason his name has been forever tarnished.

‘I’ve become what I’ve hated for so long. When did it happen? Why? I did what I thought was necessary to survive but in the process... I’ve lost who I once was.'

Slowly he turned to Adam who was playfully making faces back at Malice.

‘Although Adam knows of my reputation - he still treats me with dignity. Perhaps a part of me is ivy of his naive.'

And to make all matters worse. Zog City reminded Damus of a place he never wanted to visit again; the slums. He spent the majority of his childhood on the streets because the king’s grace could only go so far. Nobody in their right mind would give pity, let alone take in the son of a traitor. The cold is the least of your worries when it comes down to living conditions. Hunger always remains unfading. For years, he survived by eating nothing but garbage, until the day he became of age to enroll as a squire.

There was something particularly noticeable involving the citizens. One could say they were a house divided by different principles. The ogres surrounded themselves with the luxury of food. Some were completely naked, however their private areas were lost in-between their folds of fat. On the other hand, the oregkin banged out the dents in their swords and shields. Stacks of weapons laid to rest all while the orange glow slowly dies. A thin veil of smoke lingered from the large fireplaces fixed with crucibles of molten slag.

Disorderly chatter exploded upon entering the filth ridden palace. Oddly enough it seemed to be of poorer quality than everything else they have seen thus far. The light casting over the run-down structures left a pissy yellow impression. Damus can only hope that were the case.

Massive collections of rocks encircle the colossal king ogre. A bright cherry tongue slobbered out from the corner of his mouth when he half-heartedly greeted them.

“My sons.”

Adam shivered upon the realization that he had been conversing with royalty. Nervously he bit at his nail while analyzing all of his previous conversations and actions.

Damus swore he would have laughed over how much it troubled Adam if the circumstances were different.

“You’ve.... brought surface... dwellers.” He yawned with half-lidded eyes.

Damus took one hard look at king’s dopey face before speaking, “We “dwellers” are here on official business. The residents of Redhorse claimed an ogre has been terrorizing their village -”

He discontinued the moment he overheard the sound of rocks crumbling. The first question to come in mind ‘is the tunnel beginning to collapse?’ His eyes redirected to the ceiling right above them.

The source of sound eventually led him to an ogre who is eating rocks very slowly. It’s as if he’s trying to savor the taste. But what kind do you expect to get from stone?

“Redhorse heeeeehhhh.” Irongut wheezed, “Flea... Send for Squatter.”

A scrawny little ogre surfaced from beneath a smaller batch of rocks. The most striking feature is his crazy ginger hair, which seemed to be infested with fleas. Immediately he revealed far too many needle-like teeth when he began chewing away at his hairy arms. A floppy ear hung sideways over the front of his face whilst the other appeared to have been completely nibbled off. Then he scratched at one of his bristly armpits before giving his fingers a long satisfying sniff.

Adam was grossed out by what he saw, but still he couldn’t stop looking. ‘The variety of ogres is on a grand scale compare to what the archives have written.’

Briefly, Flea stopped to mutter, “Squat, squat, squat.” and proceed to annoyingly squat his way out of the palace.

Damus could think of several meanings behind the name Squatter. And yet he can only hope it meant one.

Faintly everyone heard a boom. Although the sound wasn’t loud it still made Adam shoulders tense.

Damus reassured him by saying it's merely the door closing. Expect right after his statement they heard a ‘Wham, slam, and smash.’ Protectively he extended a hand out in front of Adam.

All that did was make Adam wonder what damage Damus believed he could do at their height.

Suddenly Flea barged in screaming,“Flee, flee, flee!”

Trailing behind him is a well-built ogrekin - who by far resembled a human the most. Half the portion of his scalp was bald however the back was filled with long dark wavy hair. In the middle of his face a pair of scars crisscrossed; creating an x. He was bare-chested, bare-footed and wore iron gauntlets that expand clear down to the elbows. His lower body consisted of a leathered loincloth embedded by an iron trim. Between muscular hands, he dragged a maul along the floor. Despite the weapon being large and extremely slow. One hit is strong enough to bust in anybody’s skull.

Raising the maul high above his head he grunted, “What did I tell you about sending vermin's to my quarters!?”

Adam shockingly watched the large hammer swing at its intended target; Flea. Despite all the effort Squatter mustered. Flea had scurried behind a pillar just in time. However, the impact made the pillar split in two. Just when Flea thought he had been saved. One of the halves collapsed right on top of him.

Adam wished he had looked away a lot sooner when Squatter lifted the pillar to check if he’s truly dead.

“The remains can only be described as a smashed squash... covered in cranberry sauce.” Damus quietly whispers.

Adam wearily nodded his head in agreement. “Yeah, I kind of see it.”

“The tiny bits of hair look like orange peels.” Damus continued.

“Okay, now you’re opening up a bit too much.” Adam frowned, “Wait- are you hungry?”

“Starving.” Damus embarrassedly admitted.

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