:strblue:Kill the lights:strblue:


For Counter Strike Source only!! [HL2 Speedrunning Too]

/////////////// BHOP CROUCH+JUMP CONFIG \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

alias "+cj" "+jump; +duck"
alias "-cj" "-duck; -jump"

// KEY \\ Default : (JUMP: SPACE) (ON/OFF: f1)

alias "cj_on" "bind SPACE +cj;bind f1 cj_off"
alias "cj_off" "bind SPACE +jump;bind f1 cj_on"

// ON/OFF \\

bind "f1" "cj_on"

/////////////// BHOP STRAF CONFIG \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

alias "+strafleft" "+left;+moveleft"
alias "-strafleft" "-left;-moveleft"
alias "+strafright" "+right;+moveright"
alias "-strafright" "-right;-moveright"

// KEY \\ Defaulf : (RIGHT: D) (LEFT: A) (ON/OFF :f2)

alias "straf_on" "bind d +strafright;bind a +strafleft;bind f2 straf_off"
alias "straf_off" "bind d +moveright;bind a +moveleft;bind f2 straf_on"

// ON/OFF \\

bind "f2" "straf_on"

/////////////// AUTO BHOP CONFIG \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

alias "autof" "alias loop looper"
alias "autos" "alias loop"
alias "looper" "+jump;+duck;wait 2;-jump;wait 2;loop"
alias "+bhop" "looper;autof"
alias "-bhop" "autos;-jump;-duck"

// KEY \\ Default : (JUMP: SPACE)

alias "autojump_on" "bind SPACE +bhop;bind f3 autojump_off"
alias "autojump_off" "bind SPACE +jump;bind f3 autojump_on"

// ON/OFF Default : (ON/OFF :f3)

bind "f3" "autojump_on"
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VAC Bans : CSGO (5 Year Old Ban due to false Vac Wave,my account never got unbanned.) , MW2 ( 3 Year Old Ban due to modding lobbies and having wicked fun) , CSS (Due to Source ban ) , TF2 (Caused my source bans , i cheated with LMAOBOX long ago) , Other Source games i can't remember. , BO2 (Modding Zombies and having wicked fun).

Game Bans : PUBG ( Due to salty developers that cannot take criticism against their game,i got accused of cheating falsely,stream sniping and all that shit,i have never used ESP or Aimbot... I have uploaded several videos with bugs and glitches + the shitty bandwith serverside stuff that they never fix,i have posted several forum posts that made them salty. ) I do not regret this ban,the game is really buggy anyways,it will slowly become a case-fest full of trading sites & microtransactions.


Name : Andy

LoL Name : Blackout0

LoL Server : Nordic / Eastern Europe

Account Status : Primary

Years on Steam : 11/12.

Favorite Game Genre : Tactical Realism

Favorite Genre of Games : Tactical , Strategy , Sandbox , Realistic .

Age : XX

Favorite Car : BMW M3 GTR (Racing)

Car Or Bike? Both.

Favorite video :


! Click Read More for the bhop script ! (Works on Source games)



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