maxime send pastry to destroy your family   Paris, Ile-de-France, France
Maxime destroy, Maxime conquer
ye skank watch this
if u added me for no reason just drink an pepsi and think what have you done
and i hate if someone added me for no reason and doesn't tell the reason why he/she added me

im just some retard chinese indog

-Steam wallet = €1 and a croissant
-Race= Baguette
-Skin tone = white
-gender = male
-skillz = shit
-favorite fud = frog leg im going to surrender


get a VAC ation ☑
minge in seej for 5 month and dont get ban ☑
Listen to hardbass when its new year ☑
Completed warfarm in 22 day ☑
Steal hitler mercedes ☑
Have speech impediment ☑
Scam some nigger whit virus total link ☑
play Last Debil Standing ☑
get youttube acc suspended ☑
hate romania ☑
have an community ban once ☑
remove kebab ☑
get 1 $ ⬜
live under a wage of 245$ a month ☑
be poor ☑
piss off 20 pepole ☑
piss off 100 pepole ☑
piss off 200 people ☑
piss off 600 people☑
delete system32 ☑
Not a nigger ☑
Not A Muslim ☑
Not Christian ☑
Not Catholic ☑
Not A Jew ☑
Make Afryone mad ⬜
Reach 100 subcriber in jewtube ☑
reach 1,000 subcriber in jewtube⬜
Get 200 friend⬜
1 year whit vac ☑
git mistaken for someone else ☑
Fought off the commie from italia ☑
Use The 卐☑

w8 did you see dat


my life info

Pc Specs
-gtx 1060 3 gb
-i3 3220
-125 gb ssd
-1 tb hard drive
-DDR3 8 gb ram

it can run roblox

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To be fair you need to have a very high iq to understand no man sky

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Shadow 16 hours ago 
stop stalking faggots
Shadow 16 hours ago 
stop stalking faggots
Shadow 16 hours ago 
stop stalking faggots
The Faggot Slayer Feb 17 @ 5:38am 
u bloke u think pastry can destroy my gay jihad
wait till jafar and his bomb car reach ur home hope ur christian i will send you to heaven
Shadow Feb 17 @ 2:48am 
wtf ur alt LOL
buckweed sandnibber Feb 16 @ 8:47pm 
-rep keep sending me porn link